Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 New Cards

This is a skating Sophia card I made last week. First I stamped it and then I cut it out and colored it with Mommy's watercolor crayons and water pens. And then a couple of days later I asked Mommy for a pink piece of paper and asked her for a couple of her pop dots. I pop dotted the Sophia I cut out onto the card. Then I wrote with Mommy's black marker, "We wish you a merry Christmas" that is what she's singing. Then I asked Mommy to put a musical note at the end. Then I wanted to decorate it somehow and so Mommy gave me a snowflake stamp (from Snowflake Kisses) and I stamped it in very light pink.

This is a Sophia angel card from Paper Pretties I made a while ago (I don't really remember when). First I took a piece of white paper and stamped Sophia on it. Then I colored her dress green, her hair brown, a crown on her head and I drew little swirls around her. I colored the wings silver and then added a little bit of gold color. Then I colored her lace around the dress white and then I added red lines like a candy cane has. Then I added little candy canes. On the top I drew more angels with the same dresses and curly hair (I can't remember if I did it gold or grey). Then I wrote them singing Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly, I only had room to put Fa La la la la. Then I took a piece of yellow paper and cut it. I took a piece of pink paper and taped the yellow to the pink and the white to the yellow. Then I wrote at the bottom, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."

Thank you for reading my blog - have a very Merry Christmas!!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Yucky Fun Dark Story.

Hi everyone I just thought you might like to see what kind of costumes we wore. Well here they are. The pumpkin is my brother Ethan the lemon is my baby brother Aaron he was so cute he was nice and big and yummy to make lemonade he looked so funny! The china girls are me and my sister Anna. I am the one with white on, Anna has the green one and the other girl well she is our friend from church. Her name is Sofia. Ethan calls her Fia. Sofia is Ethan`s girlfriend! Well that's all hope you like the rest.

Sofia got to wear her moms earrings! The last one of all is us getting the pumpkin seeds out of the pumpkin I thought it was pretty messy. Luckily Aaron was in bed so he was not there to make more of a mess. It was so yucky that Ethan said there is no way I am helping with that! Ugh well that's all bye.

Posted by Emma Masse November 3rd.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hi! Today we were playing outside in the leaves and we have this big blue barrel full of water and we have a bee hive right in the corner of our barn. Aaron was over there today and the bees were out of their hive. Aaron got stung by a bee. Mommy called the doctor and she said to keep some ice on the sting and make sure that he doesn't have any problem with his breathing. He doesn't have any problems with his breathing but we can't get him to keep the ice on his finger. I just wanted to put this on my blog.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Camping pictures

(Emma's dictating for Mommy)
Sorry everyone, Emma won't be able to put cards on her blog for a few days because her baby brother Aaron somehow broke Mommy's camera, well just the memory card. So when Mommy's new memory card comes we'll take some pictures of Emma's new cards.

For now, here are a few pictures from our camping adventure.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

more pictures and a card

This is my Daddy. One day my Mom my Dad and my Uncle went out and saw a pop-up for sale. (Me and Anna and Ethan were at our aunts house) And the grownups bought the pop_up! we are going camping Sunday morning.(Mom is helping me a little)

And one more thing I forgot to tell you, my dad really loves shooting his bow and right now the Olympics is on for the rest of this week. And while it lasts he really loves watching it. He watches it every night. There's Diving, Gymnastics and even Track and Field and Archery. Daddy's not going to like it when the olympics is over and I'm not going to either because I love watching it with him. There is going to be a closing ceremony like the opening one. I wish we could watch it only we're going to be gone camping. But hopefully our Nana will tape it.

This is a bunny card I made. I put 2 carrots on top of it dancing around it and I put hop away from a little joke I learned. I can't remember where I learned it.


Monday, August 11, 2008

2 New Cards

(Emma's Mommy here)
Emma made a couple of new cards - both using sets from Paper Pretties. The butterfly is from Kitchen Sink Stamps. She doesn't know what to say today so I'll just post the pictures for you to see! :) Thanks for visiting!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beach Bum card

Hi this is a card I made with the boy, um the turtle and snails and beach bum. I made blue spots on him for drips. I made big blue spots for a splash! Look out you will get wet! So hope you like it! Bye.


Stamps: Beach Bum (Paper Pretties)
SU Markers, SU Ink, Cardstock: Walmart

Monday, August 4, 2008

More pictures

This is our dog Ruby. Mom said she might have puppies some time next spring. And so me and my brother and sister are hoping she will.

This is our cat angel. She's really cute and her fur is really soft. She's got a nice red collar with a bell on it. We take turns feeding her it's really fun.

This is my brother Ethan. He's a little bit of a pain. Here he is eating a strawberry he is a messy guy when he eat`s strawberry`s .

This is my little sister Anna. She's 4 years old. She loves playing on the computer and she loves watching TV and playing with daddy and Ethan and wrestling with them at night. And she's a really nice sister. I'm really glad to have her in the family!

This is a picture I colored of a princess from giant princess coloring and activity book.

This is a squirrel card I made. I put 2 nuts in her hands and i wrote you're nuts because the squirrel went out in the middle of the night and started picking up nuts. And it was spring time. and so i cut a piece of white paper and put the squirrel on it and wrote your nuts. And then I taped it onto a blue piece of paper and cut a yellow circle piece in half for the moon just peeking up. And I wrote by Emma.


My First Post!

Hi my name is Emma. I like to read. This is my new blog. I am going to put cards on it and pictures on it.

I made this card. I worked hard on it and I am going to tell you how to make a card like this.

[Mommy helping here:] Well first your going to need a blue piece of paper and a littler piece of yellow paper. Then you are going to need Sophia Soaking Up The Sun stamp (from Paper Pretties) and then take the stamp of Sophia and her dog on the big chair and stamp it in black ink. Then take her bag and her slippers and the little bowl of water with the straw in it and stamp them with black ink. Then stamp you're invited. Then if you want you can put a ribbon on it and write happy trails. Then you can write your name. Then you can put it on your blog if you want. [back to Emma typing]

Thanks for reading my blog hope you like it as much as I do.