Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Autumn is my favorite season of all. This post will be all about why I love fall so much! (these pictures and quotes aren't mine)

This list is so fun, and I am definitely doing it! Check out what I've done on my new temporary fall page!
 How gorgeous is that?!? I'm hoping to get some fall pictures of our barn this year!   Okay, maybe not chilly nights..........:)

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
Albert Camus

 YES!!!:) I already started out with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pumpkin Bread! Check out the recipes over at Picture This By

"Winter is an etching
Spring a watercolor
Summer an oil painting
And Autumn a mosaic of them all."
Stanley Horowitz

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile~
  William Cullen Bryant

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Flower Coasters

Hi guys! This is going to be a quick post--just popping in really quick with these flower coasters! Check them out on my For Sale page along with some other cute crocheted things!

Flower Coasters--pattern from One Dog Woof--these coasters fit an average mug and come in the following colors: Strawberry Red, Coral, Cream,Green Mix, Periwinkle, Sky Blue and Lavender and medium brown. The red and the periwinkle are a bit smaller than the other since they are crocheted from Worsted Weight yarn while the others are cotton yarn. Also, the Lavender coaster has the scent of lavender--it's a scented yarn. They are $1.50 each, which includes shipping and handling.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

100 in 2013!!

Hey guys!! I've decided that while I'm downloading the pictures from camping, I'm going to do a 100 in 2013 post, so, here goes!:)

10. Play a song in church during worship service. I played 'Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God' and let me tell you, I was SOOO nervous!! Plus, I played it the day after my birthday, and so Mr. Manning, one of the deacons, I had just started playing and he was passing by and he stuck up his head and said, 'Happy birthday!" and it just kind of startled me:) But it wasn't tooo bad:)

13. Comment on every blog I look at for a week. Sometimes if I'm bored, I look at every single blog I know--if I'm in a hurry and just want to check real quick, this is the order they go in--Borrowing Photographs by Miss Emily--Grace's Garden Walk by Miss Grace--Ramblings and Photos by Mrs.Ashley Sisk--Accordion to Kellie by Miss Kellie--Simply Inspired by Miss Emma Kate--The Writings of Hannah by Miss Hannah--American Girl #1 Fans by Miss Danielle--Breathings of your Heart by all the wonderful authors--Chatty Kathy by Miss Kit-Kat:)--Pearls on a String by Miss Sarah--A Life Worth Living by Miss Katherine--Singing Joyfully by Miss Becca Anne--Jean's Crazy Life by my very good friend, Miss Jean--Because my life is fascinating by Miss Hilljean. I have so many blogs I look at by so many wonderful, wonderful girls, it would be a whole post just to name them all!!:)

14. Babysit someone other than my siblings. I babysat my cousin McKinley while my aunt was out with my cousin Alivia. And I also "double babysat" with Alivia for three little boys--Greg, Timmy and Andy. It was my first 'real' babysitting job and it was really fun!

18. Get Janette Oke's autograph. I LOVE all of the Janette Oke books and I have read every single one of them three times--and I actually got her autograph! You could tell the main letter was typed by a secretary because it only talked about the books but then I got a sticker that said 'God Bless, Emma!' and an autographed photo of her!!

21. Bake bread that is NOT as hard as a rock. I love to bake--as you all know:)--and I recently started making bread and I really enjoy it! And it's really good too:)

22. Take the Red Cross Babysitting Training Course after I turn 11. I did the online course and it was really fun! My cousin and I both enjoyed it and I think it taught me a lot.

28. Do a 50 followers giveaway. That was fun!! Wasn't it?? Hey, let's make it 100!!:)

30. Have someone take a photo of me that I actually like. This is a picture that I really like-it was taken by my mom, and it is at our bridal wreath in the front yard.
It's me-Emma!

31. Persuade my mom to let me buy one pair of not too-too dangly earrings. They were actually a pair of my cousin's dangle flowers but I still love them!!

33. Stay up until midnight. At the Awana sleepover, we stayed up until two in the morning!!

35. Have a sleepover with a friend and play hide and seek in the dark. We did it at our garden party and it was so fun!

36. Be a mother's helper. I went to be a mother's helper on one Thursday and then the next week on Saturday--Julia is SOOO cute!!:)

43. Finish the Waltons. NOOOOOOOO!! I never wanted it to end!! But, we've watched every episode from the first season, to the last special. *sigh*

46. Make and send out Valentines to all my friends. I emailed them very nice messages............that counts...........right??:)

49. Paint all of my fingernails a different color. At a sleepover with my friend Shannon--it was soo fun!:)

53. Save $12 dollars and buy myself a hamster. It turned out being a guinea pig, Truffle!

55. Try tea without milk or sugar. Now, I just drink it black with a little bit of sugar

56. Try coffee without milk or sugar--yuk

63. Actually eat breakfast for a week. Most of the time I tend to skip breakfast so, that week was different!:)

68. Finish 'At Home in Mitford' That was a REALLY good book!!

78. Organize a summer evening garden party with my friends--that was super duper fun!

79. Throw my cousin a surprise party for her 13th birthday--we really got her!!

84. Skype with Emma--that was an experience:) It was awesome!!

85. Skype with Hannah--that was fun!:)

86. Skype with my cousin

87. Finish my 3A piano book---3B here I come!!

89. Try a cooked mushroom with my eggs--it wasn't too bad

90. Eat a raw mushroom--ewwwww

94. Take sunset photos

99. Plant a vegetable garden--got some really big tomatoes, and peppers and celery!

100. Plant a flower garden--they were super purty:)

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Vlog Questions!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I won't be posting this week until Saturday since we will be camping in NH until then. Just a heads up:) And also, after watching my awesome friend Emma's ( awesome vlog, I decided I wanted to do one! So please ask me some questions and you're welcome to ask as many as you want all week! I'll hopefully be doing it sometime on Saturday:)

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