Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crafting for a Cause!

Hello and Happy Fall everyone!! Well, as you know, I am home-schooled and the curriculum we use is called Sonlight-well, Sonlight is pairing up with the Far East Broadcasting Company and they are doing this thing called The Great Commission where they will be raising money and using the money to buy radios for people in remote areas so that they can listen to Christian Broadcasts that tell about Jesus. Well, to raise money, we are going to have a big yard sale and bake sale soon and we will also be taking orders for banana bread from people in our church! But the biggest thing we have done so far is-well, you'll see in a minute:)   My mom and I are very proud to present................

We stared an Etsy shop called 'Crafting for a Cause' and we are going to be selling all kinds of stuff! (banner designed by my mom) Here are some of the things we have for sale in the shop...............
Yarn Pumpkins!!!

Spicy Orange Pumpkins!!
We have some adorable Twine Pears!!

Finger Knit Scarves! This one is
Pink Bubblegum! We also have Mint Green,
Teal Blue, Black Cherry,
Snow White, Black Midnight and
Strawberry Splash!

Yarn Apples-Red Delicious!
And some Golden Delicious!

 And hopefully soon, we will be coming out with Note Card Sets and Holiday Planners like using little notebooks and we can decorate them and they could be Holiday Planners!! I hope you'll go check it out!!!!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Golden Retrievers

Well, for a while, our dog Ruby has been in heat and we can't find a dog to breed her with!! Does anybody have a dog or know one? Ruby is a 5 year old reddish-gold Golden Retriever and with her first litter, she ha 13 puppies!! We would like a Purebred Golden Retriever to breed her with or an Apricot Poodle for Golden Doodles!!! Comment if you have any advice! Thanks!!!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Cards!!

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to thank my email-pal  Emma for the beautiful blog design!!! I got the inspiration from Emily
 from Borrowing Photographs when she did a Fall/ABC post!! Here is mine-
Applesauce/apple pie
Baking fall desserts/reading cozy fall books/Bread pudding
Crafting/Chica and I rolling in leaves/cousins
Dad building fires
Falling leaves/fires/fun/friends
Games/gloves/God making everything beautiful
Icky-pumpkin guts/icicles
Jumping in leaves
Knitting-or trying to
Nights-even though they are chilly
Orange leaves
Quiet mornings
Rainy afternoons
snuggling Under blankets
Wonderful days
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-sleeping on cold fall nights

I used Katie Loves to Write from Robyns Fetish digital stamps-
isn't she cute??

I used my mom's Copic markers and I
made her bag polka-dotted using
fall colors- as you can tell
I love fall!
Then, I added some cute fall orange brads and drew
little stitches.

Here is a close up of the sentiment.

Then here is another fall card I made using
Sketch #64 from Sketches by Carly. I used
some glittery acorns my mom made for some cute little decoration.
And here are some cards that I have been working on!!!

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