Friday, July 26, 2013

The Winner's!!

Hi everyone! Thanks so much to the six who entered my giveaway! Now, because I needed three more to have enough for all the prizes, I'm going to enter Emma, Madeline and Alivia and Jillian because I know Emma and Maddi commented and said they'd love to enter but I guess they never found it and Alivia wanted to enter but she was out babysitting last night--so you guy's win too!!:) And Jillian was asleep:) And now, the winner of the canvas is.......(as determined by my piece of paper:) is...............................


Congratulations Grace!! Please comment with your address and I will have that sent to you--don't worry, I'll delete the comment after I get it:)

The winner of the free blog design from Britt is............................

Just an example

Congratulations Lauren! I'll send you Britt's email address and you guys can talk!

The winner of the knitted summer-y hat from Emily is................
Miss Emily herself....sorry, you don't win her:)


Congratulations Emma! I'll send you Emily's address and you guys can get in touch!

The winner of the hat and scarf set from Danielle is..............


Congratulations Madeline! Please comment with your address and I'll give that to Danielle! And I'll delete it after I get it:)

The winner of the blue bow with the hair pin is..............


Congratulations Hannah! I've got your address:)

The winner of the little jewelry type box is...............


Congratulations Jan! Just give me your address and I'll delete it after:)

The winner of the sugar scrub is.....................


Congratulations Emmy! Same thing as with Jan and Madeline:)

And that means the winner of the apple coaster is...........


Thank you all so much for entering and thanks to our lovely sponsors!!! As a little thank you, all our sponsors get a jar of sugar scrub!!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hi everyone! I'm back with more Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos! I know I'm really late--I just remembered:) Anyways, here are my photos for this week!


I am currently reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and currently, our gorgeous hydrangeas have popped! You'll be getting a full show soon. I cannot think of anything more relaxing than reading a book, with a jungle of white flowers around you.

                                                               Inspiring Person

My sister Anna is a very inspiring person. She's also very photogenic:) Full photoshoot coming soon on my other blog, Picture This: By Emma! I took this at my nana and poppy's house last week. I told her to lie down so I could get a pic of her eyes and she sees this leaf and, well....................introducing the leaf mustache!

                                                               Written Words

My mom has a whole ton of recipes that she has in this recipe box and this is one of them---delicious Rhubarb Crumb Cake---one word--YUM


I remember when my littlest brother, Owen was born. I can't believe he's almost four now!

                                                                   Best Friend

I have a lot of really good friends--I'm not sure if I have a best friend. But one of my very best friends would have to be my chihuahua, Chica. Her full name is Chica Alicia Brisa Leya which means Little Girl, Brave, Strong and Loyal:)

I hope you liked my pictures!!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you that the giveaway has been extended to July 25th..........tell all your friends!!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Picture This

Hi everyone! I'm back with the pictures of the canvas that I'm giving away! I hope you like it!

And just a reminder, the giveaway ends on Saturday, so hurry and enter!!:)

Thanks for looking at my blog!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Trip to Camden

Hi everyone! A few weekends ago, we went up to Camden for a vacation! Unfortunately, it was mostly rain all week:( But Camden is so adorable! Let me show you the pictures and I'll explain along the way:)

This was our campsite

This is our water! That's what I call 'Water from the Rock!':)

We had hotdogs over the fire one was raining:P

We got there on Wednesday and on Thursday, we went
to some lighthouses! That is the view of the harbor before we
turned into Owl's Head Light

The path to the lighthouse

The view from the path to the lighthouse

The keeper's house

There was SO many sea roses!!

The ramp going up to the lighthouse

Unfortunately, it was closed so we couldn't
go up top:(

<3 td="">

See that boat out there?

I don't know what that is, but it looks cool!

We went down to the beach

Then we went and walked out on the jetty!

It was a looooong walk:)

Then we went down to Main Street---isn't it cute??

Aaron posing in front of 'The Smiling Cow' shop:)

*sigh* look at all those books!!!

<3 td="">


In the deli

The Antique shop!! Mom and I went nuts!:)

This is cool--it's a 1930's era White
Frost Refrigerator!

This cool old church!

Cappy's Bakery! Okay, we may have gotten a cannoli......or two:)


Found this awesome hat at Jane Alden--you like?:)

That pretty sums it up! Bye Camden--I loved you! Can't wait to come back!!
Oh, and please hop over to my other check out my new design! I'm turning it into a photo/recipe blog and the awesome Emma Kate from Simply designing it!

Thanks for looking at my blog!