Goals of 2015

1. finish the whole mitford series
2. watch (and photograph) the sunrise at the beach
3. learn to sew and actually make something
4. keep a notebook of awesome quotes
5. break a world record
6. take a photo every day for a year
7. try 1 thing that i pin on pinterest every month
8. read 200 books
9. get my bff's and me matching infinity rings
10. make a memory jar
11. own a stuffed minion
12. make homemade thin mints
13. own at least 8 eos lip balms
14. make my own chocolate
15. own and finish a wreck it journal
16. try real macarons
17. write in my journal every day
18. get an alex and ani bracelet
19. see the great wall of china
20. have a bff photoshoot
21. have a chalkboard wall DONE!!
22. crochet and sell 100 baby beanies and donate the money to New Day Foster Home in China
23. be organized for once
24. make an 11:11 wish
25. make 2015 the best year ever

1 comment:

Becca Anne said...

Nice Emma,
I'll diffidently be following!