Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Luck Charlie!

Hello! I'm back! I took a little break and it felt really good! And, I have a great post planned so, here goes! A little while ago, my sister and I started watching this great show on Netflix called Good Luck Charlie. If you have Disney channel, you might have heard of it-unfortunately, we do not, and Netflix is kind of slow about uploading. But, they just added Season 3 today! Yeah! So, I will give you a description and then we'll move onto the actors and actresses! Here goes.............(I got the descriptions from Wikipedia)

Good Luck Charlie
The show centers around the Duncan family, a family that lives in Denver, Colorado. I'll introduce you to the characters-there is........

Bob Duncan-Eric Allen Kramer

Bob Duncan is the father of PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie and Toby and husband of Amy. He owns his own pest control company, "Bob's Bugs Be Gone". Bob gets made fun of a lot during the series because of his weight and baldness, usually by his younger son Gabe. He wants his family to know him as a "fix-it" man, though his projects never seem to work out. In the third season, Bob began exercising and dropped a massive amount of fat, replacing most of it with muscle. Fun Fact: He has dropped all of his children-but then caught them again!

Amy Duncan-Leigh-Allyn Baker

Amy Duncan is the mother of PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie and Toby and wife of Bob. She works as a hospital nurse and is often portrayed as dutiful, protective and comedic. She is very fond and loving of her family, and does everything she can to protect and care for them. She lets special activities, such as being on TV or singing in front of a group, go to her head. She has a habit of taking any chance of any publicity to shine on her family, to focus on her. This never works out well, as she is usually ends up being cut from the project or tossed out of certain groups. According to Bob, she is usually fussy during her third trimester of pregnancy. Fun Fact: Her maiden name is Blankenhooper.
PJ Duncan-Jason Dolley

PJ Duncan is the eldest of the Duncan children. He and Teddy often fight , although they care about each other , and he usually gets along well with his younger brother Gabe. He often appears awkward, somewhat careless and childish, but on numerous occasions has been known to be resourceful, creative and intelligent. Also, he has been shown to be a good cook. In season 3, PJ moves out of the Duncan house and into an apartment shared with his best friend Emmet. Fun Fact: He was originally intended to be named after his great-grandfather , Patrick John, but Bob was nervous as he wrote the birth certificate, resulting in the legal name of "Potty John" instead of the intended "Patty John". Despite Bob trying to correct this in the season 2 episode, "Can You Keep a Secret?" he accidentally changed the intended name to "PP Duncan" instead.
Teddy Duncan-Bridgit Mendler

Teddy Duncan is the protagonist of the series and Charlie's older and only sister, and second oldest of the Duncan children. Feeling that she will not be around as much when her baby sister Charlie is grown, she produces and directs video diaries for her, hoping it will give her advice that will help her be successful as a teenager. At the end of every episode and the end of every video diary, she says "Good Luck Charlie". Teddy shows a lot of care towards her brothers, as demonstrated when she saved PJ from falling out of a tree house or when Gabe got a black eye from Jo and Teddy offers to help him with his problem. She dated Spencer Walsh in season 1, but they broke up after she caught him hanging out with dim-witted brunette named Skyler. She and Spencer get back together in season 2. Fun Fact: Teddy is known as a "Goody-goody" from her best friend Ivy. It was mentioned that were expecting a boy, hence the generally masculine name "Teddy".
Gabe Duncan-Bradley Steven Perry

Gabriel "Gabe" Duncan is the middle child of the Duncan children, being both the younger brother of PJ and Teddy, and older brother of Charlie and Toby. It is demonstrated early in the series that Gabe does not approve of Charlie's arrival, and takes the longest of all the Duncans to get used to her. He is a prankster and troublemaker, often sarcastic and lazy, but can be dutiful and determined at times. He is the only Duncan to have brown hair, unlike the rest of his family who all have blonde. Like his sister Teddy, he makes video diaries for Toby, ending with"Good Fortune Toby!" Fun Fact: It was revealed that when Gabe was a baby, he was a calm and easy child.
Charlie Duncan-Mia Talerico

Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan is the title character and the second youngest of the Duncan children. She is generally portrayed as happy and rarely cries. Charlie appears as the least of the Duncans in the series, as she is little. Charlie can also be mischievous at times. Many of the Duncan family adventures revolve around Charlie. It was revealed in "Charlie is 1"  that it was Teddy's idea to nickname her Charlie. Charlie was seen having short hair,usually tied up in a bun in the first season, but as she grew older, had longer hair in a ponytail or braids. Charlie speaks more often in later episodes of season 2 and 3. Fun Fact: She shares a birthday with Toby and said "I like this present" when Toby was born.
Toby Duncan-Jake Cinoa
Toby Duncan is the fifth and youngest of the Duncan children. He was born in the back of an ice-cream truck. Bob and Amy were riding in on the way to the hospital and Teddy helped deliver him. He and Charlie share the same birthday. Gabe came up with the name Toby and Gabe started to make a video diary for him, to impress a girl and at the end he says "Good Fortune Toby". It is mentioned that Toby was born on the same day as Charlie but is 3 years younger. Fun Fact: He was 8 days overdue

Well, that pretty much sums it up! We just finished watching Season 3 and are now waiting for Season 4 which is the final season! No! Actually, on Disney Channel this Friday, they will be showing the LAST episode of Good Luck Charlie! No! It's called Goodbye Charlie. No! Well, I have to go to bed:)

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