Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hello! A few months after Hershey died, we got a new bunny! His name was Ruby but we changed it to Marshmellow. He lives out on the backporch and he came wiht his own cage, canteloupe, carrots, lettuce, a toy moose, and a leash and harness! He still isn't very friendly but we feed him and play with him alot. Check back soon for a picture!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you,happy birthday to Anna, happy birthday to you!

Hello! Today is Anna's birthday! Actually,it is her Golden Birthday because she turned 8 on December 8th. Anna said she won't have another Golden Birthday until she is 88! Sadly, I don't have a card or anything to post.

Check out Anna's blog for her birthday post! (She's love a comment or 2)
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Holidays.

Hello! This is a card I made using one of Mommy's newest rubber stamps from Whiff of Joy. I used the adorable Santa Lucia stamp. I love reading the American Girl books and one of the American Girls, her name is Kirsten and she is Swedish.Well,in one of her books, it is Christmas time and Kirsten is Santa Lucia and it is one of my favorite American Girl books. Anyway, I hope you'll check out the new challenge on Children's Challenge Corner! I am also entering my card in the Sketches by Carly's 45th challenge. (I accidently posted my card on La-la Land instead of Sketches by Carly. Oops!)
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

SummerHill Secrets and Louisa May Alcott.

Hello! I just wanted to share a few books I borrowed from the library. First, there is SummerHill Secrets. Night of the Fireflies, and SummerHill Secrets. A Cry in the Dark. The other one is The Story of Louisa May Alcott. All of them are GREAT! If you love Little Women, you would love this. I also love the SummerHill Secret books. Beverly Lewis is the author of SummerHill Secrets, also writess Amish books for grown-ups too. I loved all of them and I hope you'll check them out!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving at OVCS

Hello! Today, at Ossipee Valley Christian School, which is the school our church supports, had a Thanksgiving Workshop. When Mom told us, we thought it would be so fun......... and then she told us that we had to go in costume. Oh boy. Well, Mom borrowed a blouse, apron and a shawl from a friend and wore a skirt and a paper bonnet. Anna was an Indian using one of our old cowgirl outfits which was a skirt and a vest with fringe.Ethan was an Indian using a shirt and pants with cool designs and a headband with feathers and a little plastic hatchet.Aaron pretty much just had a hat. And I had a borrowed dress and apron and a bonnet. It was fun! There was archery, shooting, wreath making, outdoor cooking, candle-making, native headbands, turkey hand-print-making, walnut shell boats, tin lantern making, story bookmaking, and my favorite, butter-making! I made  butter and then made a boat and then went back to help the other kids make butter, and I stayed at butter-making till lunch. Making butter was fun! Here are the directions. First, you will need heavy cream.If you are making a lot of butter, you will need maybe a quart of heavy cream. Next, you will need some little plastic containers or for less mess, use some of those big square containers. Pour a little bit of heavy cream into the containers.Make sure the top is on tight. Then, shake,shake shake! It will take about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes or so, take the top off and check it. It should be yellow-ish and there will be clumps of butter. Before molding it, wash your hands really well. Then,  pour most of the buttermilk out of the container and take the butter clumps in your hand. Squeeze all the buttermilk out of your butter and then, pour maybe 2/4 teaspoons of salt onto your butter and squish that in and then mold it into a ball. Put it in a dish and it should harden in about 6 minutes or so. Have fun!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hello! This is a card I made for our previous challenge at Children's Challenge Corner. Last night, I was trying to get a card done really quick and I was trying to draw a bear cub out of a drawing book and Mom tried. It turned out, Mom is pretty good at drawing so I used her bear. Isn't it cute? Then, I made the card while Mom tried out her just discovered drawing talents. I used stamps from the Camp-out set from The Cat's Pajama's .

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P.S. Stay tuned for a new challenge at Children's Challenge Corner!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Polka Dot Challenge and Genie Card

Hello! I am posting a card I made for Carly's new challenge. The new challenge is Polka Dots. Visit Carly's blog for more information. I used Carly's Paper Rose Tutorial to make the little pink rose on the ribbon. If you can't read the little sentence I wrote near the bottom, it says, "Party in Pink!" I used the Fancy Marci digi stamp from La-La Land. It's the same image I used for my Halloween Treat Container that I had made for their previous challenge.
                        This is a card I made about a week ago but I just never got around to taking a picture! Does that ever happen to any of you? I used a piece of clear paper and traced a genie out of a drawing book. I was looking through mine and Anna's paper stash and found the red paper with the swirly pattern and I thought, "Perfect for a genie card!" Don't you think? Then I thought up a sentence to put on my card and I wrote, "If I could have just 1 wish, I'd wish for YOU." They were both fun cards to make.
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. Emma.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not me.

Hello again! And the winners are... not me. (Sigh) Check out the American Girl Website to see the winners and their stories. I am posting the link to the story that I wrote for the contest. Thanks for looking at my blog!

My Friendship Story.


And the winner is................

Hello! I am waiting (very impatiently) to see the winners of the American Girl Cecile and Marie-Grace story contest.Check out the  American Girl website and stay tuned!


Monday, October 31, 2011

Dorothy tag.

Hello! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Here are some pictures.
                                    At the end is Sofia our friend (Ethan's girlfriend from since he was 4!) She was Darth Vader. Then Anna is the Tin (Wo) man, I was Dorothy and I am holding Owen. He was wearing Anna's old cat costume but Mom didn't have time to make dog ears so Toto was sick so I had to bring my cat. Aaron was the Cowardly Lion and Ethan was the Scarecrow.

I also entered the Halloween challenge at  Carly's challenge blog, La-La Land crafts for kids. I used the Fancy Marci digi stamp and made her look like Dorothy. Mom helped me make the tag. Enjoy all the pictures! Thanks for looking at my blog!


Best Witches!

Hello! I hope everyone is warm and getting power back! We didn't lose power, but got a least 10-11 inches of snow. Anna, Ethan and I dug the cars out and then Daddy and I, dug out our driveway. Thankfully, when it would have taken us another 30 minutes to finish, Our neighbors plow guy came by and plowed our driveway. Then, we went to my dad's parent's house to help Grampy dig out his long driveway. Lucky for us, Daddy's sister Aunt Jennifer was there! She just lost her job and she had come over to use Grammy's computer to look for jobs. Anyway, this is a card I made for Carly's Challenge. I used Mommy's Copic markers to color it and used her pumpkin dye to cut out the pumpkin shape. I used The Cat's Pajama's Halloween twine in the picture. Enjoy! P.S.  There is a new challenge on Children's Challenge Corner. Bears. Play along and play Carly's challenge too!    Thanks for looking at my blog.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween and a new pen-pal!


I can't wait! Halloween is on Monday! I am going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Anna is going to be the "Tin-woman", Ethan will be the scarecrow, Aaron will be the Lion and Owen will be Toto! My cousin Alivia, will be an angle, her sister Jillian will be a pirate, Delaney will be a duck and I don't know what McKinley will be yet. Some of Mommy's friends are missionary's in Indonesia and they have a daughter named Emmaleigh. They will be coming to the USA for about 7 months and they will be traveling all over the place. Now, she and I are pen-pals! Mom said it will take 3 weeks or more for my letter to get to her, and about 3 weeks  for her letter to get to me.
I have to go. Mom is standing over my shoulder saying "school time"and poking me. Yuk.

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Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello! As some of you might know, Baby O turned 2 yesterday! I can't believe it! We had his party on Saturday and everyone came. Grammy,Grampy,Aunt Heidi and Alivia, Jillian, Delaney and McKinley, and Nana and Papa just back from Alaska! Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

                                       Here's the cake! Isn't it cute?
                                            Don't fall into the cake!
                                        Oh wow!
I gave him a stuffed lion for a present so he had to tell everyone what a lion says.
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who's up for a night in the car?


OK, so tonight, my mom, Anna,Owen, my grandmother, my Aunt Tiny and Aunt Norma and I, are going to drive all night to Fort Kent for my grandmother's family reunion.On Friday, Grammy is going to show us around, where she was born and grew up, stuff like that. Then, on Saturday is the reunion. Then, we will get home late Sunday evening. My grandmother rented this great van because she said she didn't want to put all those miles on our van. It's really nice. The trunk is huge and it is very deep. And parts of the floor lift up into storage space. Uncle Jon let us borrow their CD player for the car and Anna and I brought plenty of books. My Aunt Jenifer is going to come over to our house tonight and is going to stay with Daddy and the 2 boys, tonight and Friday, they are going to the lake with my grandfather. Aunt Jenifer said when they go to the lake, my dad is going in! I have to go.

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Monday, August 29, 2011


OK, so my hamster, Biscuit, he is like 1 and 4 months or almost 2 or something and his right eye looks really weird. Mom looked and said he might just be blind in one eye because he's getting old, but I want to know for sure but our vet does not do hamsters! Any suggestions?

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

camp cedarbrook

good morning! sorry, but for some reason, my capital button is not working. anyway, on sunday, anna, me and victoria (toria) and ilse daniels, heather and hannah buckley, willow sitton, and soraya syafurudin are all going to camp cedarbrook for a week. soraya and i, went last year and anna went to day camp. this year, ethan can go to day camp. i like the name soraya. it is an indonesian name. her father was born in indonesia and then he came to america. i can't wait! this will be mine and soraya's 2nd summer at camp. i have to go help mom with owen.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A lady at our Church, Mrs. Meserve died. She had a heart attack and has been in the hospital since the end of January. Her funeral is on Thursday. Sad. Just like Mr. Whaley and Mr. Carrol.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Ugh, Saturday, Ethan woke and said his belly hurts and had diarrhea and was vomiting and then the doctor said it was a stomach bug. Then I woke up this morning and I didn't feel good but I have not had diarrhea and I was not vomiting. So me and Ethan have been in bed all day and I feel horrible!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

She's here! She's here! SHE'S HERE!!

Hello! Yesterday, at about, 4:00, Mom, Anna & I, went to meet Mrs. DiMarco to get Chica.Then, we went to a pet store and got her a collar and harness and leash. A food bowl and a rope toy and  ball. Me and Mom had made her a fluffy pink cupcake bed the other day and when we got home, she went right up and settled down in her bed. This morning, I took her outside, didn't have to go, brought her in and gave her breakfast, and then we played with her and right now I am on Mom's bed typing this and Chica is sleeping on the bed right next to me. We brought her out because Dad started the stove and it is warmer out here. Nana and Poppy are coming here for dinner so they can meet her.Nana is also making her a pink sweater.

I have to go.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Me & my big head full of curiosity.

Hello! Remember how I was saying I was getting a puppy for my b-day? Well, we found a puppy and I was looking at Mom's e-mail to look at the pictures again, and I saw a conversation Mommy and the lady, Mary, had had the other day. And I asked Mommy, "what have you been planning?" and she had to tell me. She & Daddy had already bought the puppy. It was supposed to be my BIG surprise. But that's all she told me but I know that we are going to get her sometime very soon before the weekend because she is going to Rhode Island for the weekend. Now, I wish I hadn't looked. I REALLY wish I hadn't. REALLY REALLY wish I hadn't. Huhh. Me and my big head full of curiosity.

Thanks for looking at my blog by a very nosy,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Birthday is in 30 days!

Good morning!
I can't wait! My b-day is in 30 days! I am going to be 9 years old! Mom & Dad are getting me a Chihuahua puppy and Grammy & Grampy are getting some squeaky toys and Nana is knitting me a sweater for her!
We have a Dentist Appointment at 10:00 in the morning! What were you thinking Mom? Way to early!
I have to go. Thanks for looking at my blog!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patty's Day.

Hello! Happy Saint Patty's Day! This morning, Mom was looking on Facebook and she saw that someone else was making green pancakes and green milk for her kids so Mom made some green eggs and green milk, and gave it to us with an Irish accent. And for lunch, we had more green milk, we all dressed in green and Mom made green Curly Noodles! And for supper we will have green milk, green peas and I am going to put green tissue paper over the light so the light looks green! Well, we are all going out to play now.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello! This afternoon at Church, I was helping our teacher, Mrs. Daniels, clean up the classroom for next Sunday and I asked her how old you have to be to be a helper in the Nursery. She said that there is not a certain age, but you just have to like it and be good at it. And I said I would LOVE to be a helper in Nursery and she said.... she will put my name on the list of Nursery helpers!! Some weeks, I will help in the Nursery and some weeks I will be a Junior Church helper since I now stay out in Church with Mom and Dad.
I LOVE to work in the nursery but today it was SO crazy! Aaron and 2 little boys named Cooper, and Zeph, were all running around and there was a little girl named Kaylee playing on the floor and then Owen and a 10 month old baby named Zye, Zeph's little brother, were both crawling on the floor. Owen would start to cry and I would pick him up and Zye would see Owen was getting attention and he would start crying. Then I would pick him up and Owen would cry!! So I kept picking one and putting the other down and then switching!!
Well, that's all!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Can't wait!

Hi! I just can't seem to stop thinking about Spring! I LOVE Spring not just because I will turn 9 in the Spring but I love to go outside and play in our yard! I think it is so much prettier in the Spring! The grass is green, Daddy is going to help us fill up Ruby's doggy holes, Mommy's lilac bush is growing, and we have little white flowers and yellow flowers all over our yard! But I am excited about turning 9! And when I turn 9, like my cousin did, I am going to Horse Camp when I turn 9  so I can learn how to ride and take care of a horse!! I LOVE horses! They are my absolute favorite animal! I don't know why but they are!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I can't wait!!

Hi again! Daddy promised the next time Ruby has puppys, we would keep one and now he is saying no and so we are going to get a different kind of puppy. So, I talked to them about it and the puppy will be mine and will be given to me on my birthday!!! And it's going to be a Chihuahua! I LOVE Chihuahuas! Now, I am going to name it a Spanish name but I can't decide between Leya, which means Loyal, or Chica which means Little Girl. What would you choose?

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To Old Already.

Hello! Since today is Sunday, we went to Church as we always do. Usually, we go to Sunday School which is in the morning and Junior Church which is a little later in the afternoon. After Sunday School, we go out in the Church and sit with our parents. During the 2nd hymn we sing, all the kids and 1 grownup all go out and go either to the downstairs room our the upstairs room and have Junior Church. Well, last week, Me and Ilse Daniels and the girl I went to summer camp with Soraya Syafurudin, and Kendra Rodriguez and Carter Fullerton all graduated out of Junior Church and will now be sitting out in Church the entire time with our parents. This my first time and I didn't even stay out the whole because Mommy and I could hear Baby O crying all the way back in the nursery and so we went back there to calm him down and ended up staying there until Church was over. But, I LOVE to help in the nursery because all the little kids are so cute! Today we had a lot of little kids and really little kids. There was Aaron and Owen, and a little boy named Brent Pierce who is I think almost 1, and a little boy named Zeph Dunbar who is the son of the Assistant Pastor who is I think like maybe 2 and his baby brother named Zye who is 9 months and a little girl named Kaylee who is I think maybe 1 or 1/2.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello! On a different post of mine, I told how Mom, Anna Owen and I, went to NY for Great Aunt Gladys  & Uncle Ajax's 50th anniversary party. Before the party, we went to their house and Aunt Gladys brought down a bunch of dolls and let me and Anna each choose one. Anna's was very Christmasy and she named her, Noel. I named mine Andrea and I took some pictures of her. Here she is!

Thanks for looking at my blog!      Emma.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Funniest Guy Ever!

Hello! A couple of weeks ago, Anna, Ethan, Aaron and Me, started watching a show on the TV that a lot of you might have watched when you were little. It's called, " Bill Cosby's Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids." It was hilarious! Mom and Uncle Jon watched it when they were little and it is the best! Later, Mom looked it up on the computer and we all listened to Bill Cosby's HILARIOUS Chicken Heart, Part 1 and 2. It was SO funny! Now, everyone is going around the house, quoting it! "Snakes! I gotta go to the bafroom! Now, don't you bite! I'm gonna put, put my little toe out. Now, don't you bite it! You can just give it a little snaky lick! Lalalalalalala! Okay, listen, you can bite it, but just a little! Don't put none of your juice in it! Yes Mother, I'm tired any way, the Sandman's beating me to death, excuse me for not seeing you to the door but I'm so tired. Hahahahaha!!

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