Saturday, January 15, 2011

Funniest Guy Ever!

Hello! A couple of weeks ago, Anna, Ethan, Aaron and Me, started watching a show on the TV that a lot of you might have watched when you were little. It's called, " Bill Cosby's Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids." It was hilarious! Mom and Uncle Jon watched it when they were little and it is the best! Later, Mom looked it up on the computer and we all listened to Bill Cosby's HILARIOUS Chicken Heart, Part 1 and 2. It was SO funny! Now, everyone is going around the house, quoting it! "Snakes! I gotta go to the bafroom! Now, don't you bite! I'm gonna put, put my little toe out. Now, don't you bite it! You can just give it a little snaky lick! Lalalalalalala! Okay, listen, you can bite it, but just a little! Don't put none of your juice in it! Yes Mother, I'm tired any way, the Sandman's beating me to death, excuse me for not seeing you to the door but I'm so tired. Hahahahaha!!

 Thanks for looking at my blog!