Hi there! My name is Emma! Welcome to my blog! I have been blogging since I was six years old, and, I must say, I think I am addicted!:) I have had this blog, which is my main blog for six and a half years and I also have a photography/baking blog which I have had for almost three years. I have four siblings, all younger than me-Anna, Ethan, Aaron and Owen and the newest member of our family-our adopted little girl from China, is coming soon in 2015!. I live in a small town in Maine in a two hundred year old white farmhouse. We love animals, and as a result, have two dogs, one cat, one hamster, one fish, and two guinea pigs.  I love to play the piano,which I have also been playing for six years,the flute which I've played for about one and half years, and I recently started studying organ with Ray Cornils, the municipal organist of Portland. I love to read-I would absolutely die without books-and, as I said, I am addicted to blogging. Here are some random facts about me:

I want to be a nurse someday-like my grandmother!

I love to write stories and hope to become a published author!

I don't like standing up in front of a lot of people and talking or playing the piano

I also love old musicals- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Oklahoma, The Sound of Music,White Christmas.

I currently have my own room, but when our little girls arrives, we will share a room. 

I love to bake

I can be *quirky* as I'm told

That's me!


Anonymous said...

What kind of church do you go to?

Emily Ruth said...

Hi, Emma! I would be happy to sponsor a giveaway for you. I will be at camp for the next ten days starting today and I won't have internet, but you can e-mail me at knittingphotography@gmail.com and let me know the details, like what you want me to knit for your giveaway.

Congratulations on 50 followers!

Grace Klahn said...

Hi Emma!!
I am Eleven also :)
I have a lot of the same interests as you.
Here is a link to my blog:



Grace Klahn said...
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Grace Klahn said...
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Grace Klahn said...
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