Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas Tag

I made this tag for the Kitchen Sink Stamps contest this month even though it's a day late. I forgot to take the picture and post it.  Thanks for visiting

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My First Spelling Bee.

Hi.Today was my First Spelling Bee!I was in the Second Grade Group so was my Friend Autumn and my Friend Bethany. Autumn missed the second word so she got the paper and the ribbon.And then Bethany got a word wrong and then at the end of the Spelling Bee Bethany won second place and I won First Place!Well that's all Bye thanks for looking at my blog. Emma.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Anna's Birthday!-Finally.

Hi everyone. Today is Anna's BirthdayParty! I can not wait!Anna is soooooo excited to see the cake Nana made and what her presents are. Well bye everybody. Emma.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Anna's joining!

Hi everyone. Anna does not have a blog so I told her that she can share my blog! So until Anna has a blog she will post cards and video's on my blog. Anna want's to say something. Hi everyone. Emma's letting me make a card for her blog and she's posting it and a card she made. I think Emma's card is pretty.Well bye everyone Anna.P.S. the card that says every girl want's to be a princess is Emma's and the other is mine Anna's.

Anna's Birthday!!!

Hi everyone. Anna's birthday is in 6 days!!! She's having a Gingerbread Party. Do you want to know what I made her? I made her a gingerbread doll! And Nana is making a gingerbread house for Anna's cake! Well thats all thank's for looking at my blog! Emma.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A whole bunch of cards.

Emma's been busy - just hasn't been posting!Hi everyone.I have not been posting in a long time. Well this is a tag that I made and I really just copied Mom. My favorite part about making the card was when I put the scarecrow behind the fence. And Mom helped me with that part. Well that's all on this card thank's for looking at my blog! Emma.

Here's another card that I made.If you look closely at the bubbles you will notice that I put some glitter on them.And I really just cut the Sophia and the rug out and glued them on. Well that's all thanks for looking at my blog!Emma.The next one that I made is a Easter card.And then the next one is a ballet card and the girl is saying thanks ballet because she was really bad at dancing but she kept trying and now she's really good and she's saying thanks ballet.The next one is a Halloween one I made the word trick or treat and stamped Carter the pumpkin and his dog because this Halloween Aaron was a pumpkin.The next one is a dancing girl and I made her a rainbow colored dress and foot rings and arm rings.The last one that I made is for Nana and Poppy for Christmas. Well that's all thanks for looking at my blog!Emma.