Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy Boy's Little Workshop

Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know, Aaron has a blog called Busy Boy's Little Workshop and he would love it if you dropped by and maybe left him a comment or two!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Card Drive for Leah

Hello! I am sending this card to a little girl who is 6 years old. Her name is Leah. Here is part of the post I read.

'Leah is 6 years old and she became really sick a few weeks ago and the doctors think she will be in the hospital for 4+ weeks. So we're asking anyone who would like to send Leah a card, to please email us at and we will give you a mailing address to mail your card to.'

To see the full post, click here. I am sending her the card I posted about a few weeks ago as a reminder for the February challenge over at CCC, (we now have a March challenge up, so,go check it out!) I hope you like this post and I hope if you can, that you'll send Leah a card!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Waltons

Hello! Well to make a long story into a short post, lets get right down to the subject.....................

Elizabeth-"Good night Mama;
Mama-Good night Elizabeth, good night Jason;
Jason-Good night Mama, good night Mary Ellen;
Mary Ellen-Good night Jason, good night Jim-Bob;
Jim-Bob-Good night Mary Ellen, goodnight Erin;
Erin-Good night Jim-Bob, good night Ben;
Ben-Good night Erin, good night Grandpa;
Grandpa-Good night Erin, good night John;
Daddy-Good night Pa, night Ma;
Grandma-Good night John, good night John-Boy;
John-Boy-Good night Grandma, night everybody.
Everybody-Good night!"
-The Waltons

Do I dare  say it? Goodnight everyone! :)
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Crafter's Cafe- March kid's challenge

Hello! Guess what?? You'll never guess so I might as well tell you....... I got chosen to be one of the new members of the kid's design team over at The Crafter's Cafe!! They have great monthly challenges for kids, (not to mention daily challenges!) Plus, you get to choose 4 digis free digis every month from The Stamping Boutique! For this month, I chose, St. Patrick's Day Audrey, (used in the card below) An Uncommon Friendship, (which I haven't gotten yet) Easter Bunny Laundry Line,(which I haven't gotten yet) and the Easter Bonnet,(used in the card on the bottom. Anna actually made it before I had a chance to use the image!) Click here to check out the March Challenge!

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Cookie Cutter & Biscit. (I know I spelled it wrong, it's supposed to be spelled like that:)

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying this bee-uu-ti-ful weather we've been having! Owen is doing good, he and mom are going back to the hospital tomorrow to get some pins taken out and to get a new cast so. Anyway, there is this giveaway over at Cookie Cutter sponsored by Debra's Designs! She does bee-u-ti-ful jewelry!! I mean,look at the necklace she donated for the giveaway! Click here to see the necklace. And as a lot of you know, my half-blind hamster Biscit is 4 years old. Last night, I went to feed him and lets just say I'm in the process of getting a new hamster. But he lived a LONG time! Hamsters usually only live to be 2 years old maybe sometimes 3! Mom said, "He died a good death. He didn't get killed by a cat, pounced on by a dog or anything!" I will post pictures of my new hamster soon.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Owen's surgery

Hello! Here is an update on Owen,(information from Mom)
Dr. Oliviero was running a little late so O went in later that planned.
(taken from Mom's Facebook update) O is out of surgery and we
are waiting for him to wake up. Then we'll head up to his room for
the night. He did fine in surgery, Dr. thinks things went well but now
it's just wait and see. He will have to come back next week to remove
a couple of pins.

When O comes home tomorrow, we have a surprise for him. At the grocery store, we got him a 'Get Well' balloon and at the Dollar Store, we got him a really soft, stuffed chocolate colored bunny. And then I made a banner that says Owen and we love you! I will post some pictures tomorrow. I also went outside today,(it had to be at least 60!) and did my first Spring Photoshoot. So, look for them on Picture This. I will post another update when we get an e-mail or something.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sharing the Blessings vol. 11

 Hello! I am entering some pictures over at Accordian to Kellie-Sharing the Blessings vol. 11 Well, I guess I have to say my brothers and sister are blessings. :) Especially Owen. (he is having surgery on his foot on Thursday but I think Mom already let you know) Look at that face!!
Then I got Chica for my birthday. She is not much bigger now than she was in that picture! And her full name is Chica Alicia Brisa Leya. It's pretty much all Spanish and it means- Little Girl- Brave- Shy- Loyal. She is all of those things.
 And then there's Mom and Dad. I am thankful for them except one more sister would have been nice.:)

And I am thankful that I could start my blog! When I started my blog in 2008,(wow, I didn't realize I've had my blog so long!) I was 6. Picture on the top left.
Now it is 2012 and I will be 10 in April.

So, as you can see, I have a lot to be thankful for.
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Do the Hula!

Hello! I made this card for Children's Challenge Corner's March challenge- Use spring-ish colors and I am entering it in Carly's sketch challenge number 51. I used the adorable Aloha Sophia from Paper Pretties. Click on the link and check them out! They some of the cutest stamps ever! I love Sophia! And go on over to Children's Challenge Corner and check out and maybe even enter in the challenge!
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