Saturday, April 16, 2011

She's here! She's here! SHE'S HERE!!

Hello! Yesterday, at about, 4:00, Mom, Anna & I, went to meet Mrs. DiMarco to get Chica.Then, we went to a pet store and got her a collar and harness and leash. A food bowl and a rope toy and  ball. Me and Mom had made her a fluffy pink cupcake bed the other day and when we got home, she went right up and settled down in her bed. This morning, I took her outside, didn't have to go, brought her in and gave her breakfast, and then we played with her and right now I am on Mom's bed typing this and Chica is sleeping on the bed right next to me. We brought her out because Dad started the stove and it is warmer out here. Nana and Poppy are coming here for dinner so they can meet her.Nana is also making her a pink sweater.

I have to go.
Thanks for looking at my blog!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Me & my big head full of curiosity.

Hello! Remember how I was saying I was getting a puppy for my b-day? Well, we found a puppy and I was looking at Mom's e-mail to look at the pictures again, and I saw a conversation Mommy and the lady, Mary, had had the other day. And I asked Mommy, "what have you been planning?" and she had to tell me. She & Daddy had already bought the puppy. It was supposed to be my BIG surprise. But that's all she told me but I know that we are going to get her sometime very soon before the weekend because she is going to Rhode Island for the weekend. Now, I wish I hadn't looked. I REALLY wish I hadn't. REALLY REALLY wish I hadn't. Huhh. Me and my big head full of curiosity.

Thanks for looking at my blog by a very nosy,