Friday, April 19, 2013

Nana's House

Hello! Just popping in to say hi! Owen and I are here at Nana's house while Mom's in MA teaching a stamping class! It's been a busy week----Mom went to her uncle's funeral Wednesday and Thursday-it's in NY-then she left this morning for MA and she'll be gone overnight! She'll be gone on my birthday tomorrow
*sniff* But, we're here with Nana and Poppy! Gotta go----I'll be back soon with photos from my upcoming party on Sunday!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello! I'm back with pictures! Yesterday, Mom was really busy so Anna, Owen and I had a picnic outside! It was really nice out-in the 50's!! Here are the pictures-------but I must warn you, Owen is pretty cute!

Licorice chunks that Mom had bought at the store

Yum--and healthy!

Lemon Bread! Recipe coming soon!

A little sour cream, some chopped cucumbers, cucumber
slice on top-it is amazing how sophisticated it looks when you
stick a toothpick in the top

Lime slices

A little sugar to sprinkle on the lime

And guacamole sandwiches-yum!

See? What did I tell you?? 

Anna----and no, her hair is not combed

Our feast!


So funny!

I knew this picture was coming

Chica feeling the wind in her fur

That's all I have for today-but I'll be back soon with a recipe and some cards!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hello! About the book club-I've been getting Anonymous comments with questions about the book club so I guess the only way to answer them is to do more posts! So one of the questions was what kind of books we read. Well, we've been reading like, Nancy Drew, The Babysitter's Club, Secret Sisters, stuff like that-Secret Sisters is something we might read through the whole series-it's a Christian book series-and we have a few other good ones picked out. Another question was what kind of church do you go to-we go to a Reformed Baptist Church. So again, if you would like to join, please comment with your name and email address-I will delete for you after I see it-but the email has to be a Gmail account because we meet through Gmail chat. If you have any more questions, just comment!:)

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Hey! Sorry, I forgot to say HOW to join the book club:) Well, comment with your email address-don't worry, I will delete it for you-so that I can include you in the emails. Also, it has to be a Gmail account because we do the meetings through Gmail chat-if you don't have Gmail, maybe your parent's do or ask them if you can make one! Also, HOORAY for my mom! She ran her first 5K yesterday!! Next time, I'm hoping to run with her in Ocean Park!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Book club

Hey guys! Just popping in really quick-I was wondering if anyone would like to join my book club! It's called Best Buds Book Club and we meet once a month, on the last Saturday of every month at 4:00 (EST) If you would like to, just comment!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gray days

Gray days. Days full of hopeful waiting for spring to arrive. Days full of good books, rain, tea and mud. Days full of cheerful fires, sunny days, cloudy skies, and blog posts. Days full of letters to friends, doodles, photos, and hope. The sun comes out for just one day, and that days is spent outside, soaking in the sun, lying lazily on the hammock and pretending that spring has come to stay. But wait-you look out the window the next morning, and trace the pattern that the raindrops are making on the window. You hopefully look for the first robin of the year, and are thrilled when not one, but six appear in your yard, only to fly away again to take shelter from the snow and rain. Longing for shorts, sunglasses, beach days, school vacation, swimming in the lake-everything that spring and summer have to offer-but, they still don't come.

March and April are dreary months-but, they are sunny at the same time. One day, the sun is shining, there is  cool breeze, not a cloud in the sky! There are even crocus coming up in the garden. But, the next day, the harsh rain turns the sky dark and cloudy, pushing away the sun, ruining the crocus' hope of blooming for Easter, turning the ground to mud. In those months, it is best to forget the weather, forget about everything, and escape to the wonderful world of Pinterest. After three hours of Pinterest, enter into the blogging world and scroll through blog after blog-some that you haven't looked at for years. And then, grab a cup of tea, a good book, and curl up on your bed to be lost in yet another fantasy land.

My March and April have been filled with................

Crocheted flowers

Awesome pink mustache pen from Justice

Need I say more? I think not

Cross necklace from Claire's

BF necklaces from Claire's

Staring out the window on rainy days

My favorite book series

Staring at this picture-so spring-ish

Quilts and blankets

Piano keys


And photos

That pretty much sums up my gray days. What about yours?

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Girl day with Grammy

 Hello! I'm back again with photos from mine and Anna's girl day with Grammy a few weeks ago! Oh, boy, I love girl days with Grammy...................and this is why.............

 First of all, she takes us to Goodwill..........

Then to Wendy's for lunch. Here is Anna threatening me with her ketchup. As if.

I am an awesome sister-I mean, what big sister doesn't like to make their little sister look bad?
 Then, of course, Grammy scolding Anna for licking
her fingers and the top of her frosty.

 Then, when we got back to Grammy's house, we had a tea party! (I know, I know-we're a little old for that-but with Grammy, you're never to old)

And of course, the dolls had to have their own tea-let me tell you, they prayed for a really, really, really long time!
 Cheap cookies from the Dollar Tree that smelled and tasted just like play dough...............
 Then, we have our edible lipstick................
 We got your edible ring...........
 And we got your edible bracelet!

Here's a close up of the table.

 Okay, these are such funny videos. We started pretending that Grammy was this old lady who escaped from the nursing home. Every morning, in the breakfast rush when everyone gets their diapers changed, she climbs into the bottom of the laundry basket, and in exchange for cookies smuggled from the kitchen, the laundry man carts her out for six hours of freedom. When new people come in, they try to stop her, but the ones who have been there for a while just say, "Let her run-it's one less to change."
This was her eight escape this year! She's pretty sly, that one.
Then, she and Grampy were talking the other night and she told him, "Albert, you will be one of the crankiest patients in the nursing homes. The girls are just going to leave you. You'll be sitting in your poo for hours." Then she said, "And when I come in and you start ranting at me, that you didn't get this, and you wanted that, I'll just look around at the people and say, 'this guy thinks I'm his wife."

 I love girl days with Grammy.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello! I'm back with some Easter photos!! We had a pretty great Easter-around 50-something degrees! I wore a sleeveless dress for the first time!! Well, here goes....................

Pineapple casserole-the highlight of the meal-recipe coming soon!

I made some deviled eggs as an appetizer-yum!

I was trying to catch Poppy sticking his
tongue out-he would do it and then pull it
in right when I clicked the button-the
little stinker-pot

The table........the kids had another small one in the corner-
but I got to sit at the table with the grownups this year!

This is Mom's pretty Royal Mail china that we used

Here are our salt and pepper shakers-the pea pod from
Danny and Gillian's wedding-remember?

Love our Easter eggs!


Poppy laying on the couch.........
And the followup photo:)

Then, here he is again, helping clean off the ham bone:)
Love Poppy-especially when I am the one getting the funny picture
of HIM instead of the other way around.

Carrot cake for dessert-the icing is TO DIE FOR!

I just had to get a picture of the coffee in one of the cups-
just something about black coffee in a chine teacup........

Happy Easter, from the Masses!
Well, that's all for now but I have pictures from our girl day with Grammy coming soon!

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