Monday, May 17, 2010


Here is a card I made for Children's Challenge Corner.. The challenge is  to make a thinking of you card. I made this card for Mr.Whaley.(just in-case you don't know,rawr means I love you) I made it when our cousins,Alivia and Jillian,came over for a sleepover.So we slept that night and the next afternoon,Mom said we should all make a card for the challenge.So we did.We brought Mom's ink,paper,white paper,markers,pencils,tape,cutter,and scissors.Whew! You can see Anna's card by going to See Anna.She got her own blog finally! And you can see Ethan's and Aaron's and Alivia's and Jillian's cards by going to Children's Challenge Corner. That's all for now,thanks for looking at my blog,Emma.


Jamie said...

Super cute card!

Anonymous said...

Amazing card! Wait to go Emma! Love Gram.