Monday, September 20, 2010

N.Y. Here we come!

On Friday, Me, Mom, Anna and Owen, all drove to New York for Mom's Uncle Ajax and Aunt Gladys's 50th Anniversary party. 5 hours in the car with none of those little T.V. things to watch movies on, and no car game we know, isn't a very pleasant way to travel. But, we did stop and get coloring books. When we got there, Mom showed us her house where she grew up and showed us a few other places and then we went to our hotel, and went to the hotel pool, and went to visit Mom's friend, Mrs. Ryan, (we call her Aunt Becky because she and Mom grew up together). She has 5 kids like us, but they are ALL boys. Her oldest, Nathan, was at a friends, and her 2nd oldest went out to some event, and so we had dinner with Her, Uncle Pat, Her 4 boys, Jeremy I think is 12 or 13, Matthew, who is 10, Christopher, who is 4, and Sean, who is 2. Then on Saturday, we went out for breakfast, and drove around a little, visited Mom's Uncle Paul, and then we went to Uncle Ajax and Aunt Gladys party, and drove home which took 6 hours cause we had to stop for the baby.
All in all, we had a great time.
Thanks looking at my blog!

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