Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Pictures As Promised!

Hi! Here are the Halloween pictures. This first picture is our driver for half of the evening, Senor Juan. His mustache is much better than Ethan's Pilgrim one, isn't it?  The next picture is half of the crew. Daddy as a hunter. Mom said you can't really tell it's a costume in Maine! Our friend, Ilse, the one on the floor next to me was "Cleocatra" The next picture is adorable. Isn't he SO cute! At least he was perfectly warm the whole time! Anna is so cute in this next picture. I love her nose and whiskers! And the last picture is the one Mom likes. Isn't Owen the cutest little rooster you've ever seen?  Mom was a hunter also but the only part of her that was warm was her feet because she had on Daddy's hunting boots. Let's see what we come up with next year! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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Sara said...

OMGosh you are ALL SO ADORABLE!!!!! Thanks for the great pics!!! Lily will have to post one soon as well!