Monday, April 11, 2011

Me & my big head full of curiosity.

Hello! Remember how I was saying I was getting a puppy for my b-day? Well, we found a puppy and I was looking at Mom's e-mail to look at the pictures again, and I saw a conversation Mommy and the lady, Mary, had had the other day. And I asked Mommy, "what have you been planning?" and she had to tell me. She & Daddy had already bought the puppy. It was supposed to be my BIG surprise. But that's all she told me but I know that we are going to get her sometime very soon before the weekend because she is going to Rhode Island for the weekend. Now, I wish I hadn't looked. I REALLY wish I hadn't. REALLY REALLY wish I hadn't. Huhh. Me and my big head full of curiosity.

Thanks for looking at my blog by a very nosy,


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