Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who's up for a night in the car?


OK, so tonight, my mom, Anna,Owen, my grandmother, my Aunt Tiny and Aunt Norma and I, are going to drive all night to Fort Kent for my grandmother's family reunion.On Friday, Grammy is going to show us around, where she was born and grew up, stuff like that. Then, on Saturday is the reunion. Then, we will get home late Sunday evening. My grandmother rented this great van because she said she didn't want to put all those miles on our van. It's really nice. The trunk is huge and it is very deep. And parts of the floor lift up into storage space. Uncle Jon let us borrow their CD player for the car and Anna and I brought plenty of books. My Aunt Jenifer is going to come over to our house tonight and is going to stay with Daddy and the 2 boys, tonight and Friday, they are going to the lake with my grandfather. Aunt Jenifer said when they go to the lake, my dad is going in! I have to go.

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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Megann said...

Cool! hope you have a great time!