Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween and a new pen-pal!


I can't wait! Halloween is on Monday! I am going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Anna is going to be the "Tin-woman", Ethan will be the scarecrow, Aaron will be the Lion and Owen will be Toto! My cousin Alivia, will be an angle, her sister Jillian will be a pirate, Delaney will be a duck and I don't know what McKinley will be yet. Some of Mommy's friends are missionary's in Indonesia and they have a daughter named Emmaleigh. They will be coming to the USA for about 7 months and they will be traveling all over the place. Now, she and I are pen-pals! Mom said it will take 3 weeks or more for my letter to get to her, and about 3 weeks  for her letter to get to me.
I have to go. Mom is standing over my shoulder saying "school time"and poking me. Yuk.

Thanks for looking at my blog! (Poke) Ouch!


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