Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving at OVCS

Hello! Today, at Ossipee Valley Christian School, which is the school our church supports, had a Thanksgiving Workshop. When Mom told us, we thought it would be so fun......... and then she told us that we had to go in costume. Oh boy. Well, Mom borrowed a blouse, apron and a shawl from a friend and wore a skirt and a paper bonnet. Anna was an Indian using one of our old cowgirl outfits which was a skirt and a vest with fringe.Ethan was an Indian using a shirt and pants with cool designs and a headband with feathers and a little plastic hatchet.Aaron pretty much just had a hat. And I had a borrowed dress and apron and a bonnet. It was fun! There was archery, shooting, wreath making, outdoor cooking, candle-making, native headbands, turkey hand-print-making, walnut shell boats, tin lantern making, story bookmaking, and my favorite, butter-making! I made  butter and then made a boat and then went back to help the other kids make butter, and I stayed at butter-making till lunch. Making butter was fun! Here are the directions. First, you will need heavy cream.If you are making a lot of butter, you will need maybe a quart of heavy cream. Next, you will need some little plastic containers or for less mess, use some of those big square containers. Pour a little bit of heavy cream into the containers.Make sure the top is on tight. Then, shake,shake shake! It will take about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes or so, take the top off and check it. It should be yellow-ish and there will be clumps of butter. Before molding it, wash your hands really well. Then,  pour most of the buttermilk out of the container and take the butter clumps in your hand. Squeeze all the buttermilk out of your butter and then, pour maybe 2/4 teaspoons of salt onto your butter and squish that in and then mold it into a ball. Put it in a dish and it should harden in about 6 minutes or so. Have fun!

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Megann said...

That is GREAT Emma! The butter making sounds like a LOT of fun!