Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm 10!!

Opening cards and presents! Chica has glowing eyes...
hmmm, she must be jealous:)
Hello! Well, this Friday, I turned 10!!!! Then, on Saturday,both sets of grandparents and my aunt came over. We had a cookout with hot-dogs and hamburgers and chips and then we had chocolate strawberry shortcake for dessert! And then it was Present Time. I'm going to let these pictures tell you all about it:) Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everything but Nana got me lots of news clothes and from Aunt Jen, I got a calligraphy writing set!! And Grammy got me a digital camera!!!!!! And there was this huge box and I opened it and on top was a cleaning rod for a flute! The flute should have been at the bottom but the box was just full of newspaper! I just pulling it out and pulling it out and then Aunt Jen couldn't contain herself and she lost it:)Then, Grampy came over and gave me this heavy package and whispered, "Emma, I got your Dad some silk ties at Goodwill, could you give them to him?" I said,"Those are some awfully heavy silk ties!" First of all, Dad doesn't wear ties! Second, Grampy never, ever goes to Goodwill. It was, you guessed it, (maybe) the flute!
I got a beautiful pair of flip-flops from Anna! (the dollar store
is amazing, and cheap:)

I GOT A FLUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about the sideways thing. This was the only good one Anna got! Oh, and that is one of the new dresses that Nana got me. I LOVE it!
I'll be back soon with pictures of my other presents taken with my new camera:)

Thanks for looking at my blog!



Megann said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you Have/Had a GREAT day!!!

Emma said...

Happy late birthday!!!

Hana - Marmota said...

Happy belated birthday! 10 is a special one - at least, it was for me. :-)

Stacie Gorse said...

I know I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little lady!!
I TOTALLY love your pink tiara!! (-:

It sounds like you had a wonderful day and you should tell Grampy that Goodwill is a pretty amazing place!
LOL!! (-:


mainegirlsgrowingup said...

Hey emma happy late b-day!! 10,wow double digit!!

livey n

mainegirlsgrowingup said...

hey emma happy late!! 10 wow,double digit!!