Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jewels of the World~Preview

Hi guys! Recently, I had a great idea for a short book series for younger girls--more on the actual theme later--but I want to give you guys a preview of the first book! 

Jewels of the World
The Beginning
By Emma Masse

                         Chapter One
                   Grandma’s House

Opal Sanders stepped through the door of her grandmother’s cottage and took a deep breath. Lilac, vanilla, perfume and fresh country air filled her nostrils. Opal was visiting her grandmother for two days, and there was no place in the world that she loved more than her Grandma’s house. A small cottage, faraway from the blinking city lights, close to the open country that Opal and her Grandma loved so much. A cottage large enough to fit only ten, but which had love for hundreds. The door opened to a dining area, a rustic country kitchen, the family room, or ‘The Memory Room’, as her Grandma called it, a bathroom, Grandma’s bedroom and two spare bedrooms. There was no second floor, except for a small flights of stairs leading to a dusty attic, filled with memories that her grandmother would remember on rainy days-spending hours and hours looking through boxes and scrapbooks. Her Grandma herself was a story book grandmother. Rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, bouncing white curls, and a wardrobe that remained in days of long ago. Here came Grandma now. Opal was pulled into a hug which always made her remember all the good times she had spent with her grandmother in her twelve years. Her grandmother stepped back and looked at her. “Opal Pearl...look at you! You look so beautiful!” “Really?” Opal said to herself, looking down at her patched jean shorts and t-shirt. “My, you’ve grown a foot!” Grandma exclaimed.

I hope you enjoyed this preview!

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