Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Card Challenge

Emma has a challenge for any crafters out there who would like to participate. Here's the challenge (hope you don't get seasick - it's a bit shaky and blurry at times since she gets too close to the camera! lol!):

And here is her card: first I took a piece of white paper and colored the top black. and then I took a yellow marker and made stars and a crescent moon.then I took a green marker and made the grass and two plants.then for the sheep. I took the body and stamped it in gray ink and stamped curls on the wool
to look like real wool. and then I took the legs and stamped them in black ink. and then I took the leg and stamped in gray on the back for the tail. and then for the head I stamped the head in black ink and then I colored the eyes blue and the nose pink and then
I drew green grass hanging out of the sheep's mouth. Bye thanks for looking at my blog!!Emma .

And here is her sister Anna's card: This is Anna's card and this how she made it. This how I made my squirrel card. First I got a squirrel stamp and then I stamped it brown ink and then I colored in grass and a tree and then I drew another hand on the squirrel. and then I made the the acorn and I colored the acorn. I colored the top of the acorn dark brown and I colored the bottom light brown. Bye. (Emma typing) Anna will be posting cards and videos on my blog until she has her own.

If you play along, please leave us a link so we can see it!! Thank you! :)

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Claire Brennan said...

Emma and Anna - your cards are very, very good!! I see crafting in your futures!! I think my little girls might like to do your challenge!! we have hamsters too! Good luck with your blog - it is wonderful! Hugs from Ireland!

My girls will come back and comment when they have made a card!