Saturday, August 15, 2009

My new cat and a card

Hi everyone today we are going swimming and I thought I would some pictures on my blog. this is my kitten Oki (his real name is Oki sunshine! Anna chose the name) He is a orange tiger and he is 3 months old. He is good with dogs he likes to play with Ruby's tail! Well thats Oki.

And this is the card I made here is how I made it.First I took a piece of white paper and then I took the stamp of the boy and then stamped it in black ink then I took the turtle stamp and stamped it in black ink then I took the snail stamp and stamped it in black ink on the turtle. then I cut the paper with some scissors that make designs and then I colored the cuts blue then I made a sun and wrote by the snail get going turtle I'm late!

Bye thanks for looking at my blog.Emma.


Jessie/knightrone said...

These are so cute Emma, and I love your cat. It is so pretty!

Christie said...

Nice kitty Em! He looks very soft and cuddly! I love your cards too. The butterfly with the Surf's up is so cute and I love your sentiment on the Beach Bum card! Great job!

Lillian said...

I LOVE how you made the penguin surf like that. It's so funny!

And the snail is saying "Get Going...I'm Late" is funny too!

I like your cat, she is so cute!