Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Challenge Blog for Children

Hi!  My mom and I started a new challenge blog for children and we've posted our first challenge.  You have to make a card using pink if you're a girl, and blue if you are a boy.  Please visit the blog to see all about it.  There is even a prize.  The blog is www.childrenschallengecorner.blogspot.com.

 My card is on the challenge blog.  This card is Anna's.  She used a digi stamp from Karen's Doodles.

I hope you will make a card with us!  Thanks everyone!


Allison said...

This is super cute and fun Anna! Charlotte is a little too small to type herself but she tells me she likes all your colors!

Myzdamena's World said...

Well done Anna.. that card is great!

Wonderful colouring :) I'll get Little Myz making a card soon when she gets back from school :)


Myzdamena's World said...

Spooky, my comment diappeared somewhere- try again lol

Great card- I love your colouring! I'll get Little Myz to have a bash at a card when she comes home from school.

Super work!


craftygranny said...

oooh anna you do lovely colouring and kaitlyn thinks your card is cool.

Doodle Queen said...

You have made a WONDERFUL card with my image. Totally AWESOME!! (What a talented family you have :-)
Hugs, Karen
Good luck with your new Challenge blog. Fantastic News!