Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi! As some of you might already have heard, our Golden Retriever, Ruby, has been pregnant! Last week, the day we were coming home from camping, Nana and Poppy, Mom's parents, called. (They had been watching Ruby while we were gone). That morning, Poppy had come downstairs and she had already had 6 puppies by herself. Then she had 4 more, then I called Poppy and she had had 3 more! So now, in the whelping box on the back porch is a Momma and 13 ADORABLE puppies! 7 girls and 6 boys. I think we have 2 runts. A boy and girl. Since Ruby can't feed them all at the same time we split them in 2 groups. While one group eats, the other group sleeps in a box Mom put a blanket in and put the heating pad under it. And she switches them every 2 hours. At night too! Here are some pictures. So ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Thanks for looking at my blog! Emma.

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Cody said...

13 puppies WOW that's a lot.

Sorry I haven't been visiting your blog for a while but it is school holidays for me now here in Australia so Mum has let me get on her computer to update my blog and I am happy to be back visiting you.