Friday, October 22, 2010

All Set for a fun, Animal, Halloween!

Yesterday, Me, Mom and Anna, went to a store that sells baby stuff called, The Baby Mama, and bought Aaron an ADORABLE little monkey suit with a top and bottom and a little pocket with a banana in it! For Owen, we got this little cowboy suit with a leather hat and a little velvet vest and little fringed chaps. But, IT WAS TO SMALL!!!! I can't believe it was to small! It's SO cute!! But, since it doesn't fit, he will be a rooster. Ethan is going to be a tiger, using a mask, tail and little bow-tie we got at Walmart. He will wear a black shirt and pants also. Anna, is going to be a bunny rabbit. She also has a bow-tie, little bunny tail and headband with ears. She will wear a light pink leotard with white tights. I, will be a black cat. I also have a black cat mask with ears, and a bow-tie and a tail. I will wear a black leotard with black tights and my new, high-heeled, black shoes. I will post pictures later!
Thanks for looking at my blog!

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Christie Ortman said...

Those costumes sound so cute Emma. I can't wait to see pictures. Too bad Owen's didn't fit but I'm sure he'll be an adorable rooster!