Friday, October 15, 2010

Sometimes, Rainy Days can be fun too!

Today, since it was raining, we decided to have a fun day indoors, learning about The Pilgrims and The Indians, and The First Thanksgiving! So, we got dressed, and went down in the barn and brought up wood, and Mom made a fire and then I made Hot Cocoa and we all watched a Bible Story Movie and when that was done, I read the book called, Squanto and The First Thanksgiving! It tells how Thanksgiving has been celebrated for over 350 years, and how it got started. We usually think right away of The Pilgrims, but it tells how it really got started, with a Patuxet Indian named Squanto. A lot of you, (this is in the book) may not have heard of the Patuxet Tribe. That's because Squanto was the very last Patuxet alive!Then it tells the Thanksgiving story. So, when that was done, we all went up-stairs and got paper, pencils and crayons and drew pictures of what we think a Patuxet Indian would have looked like and then we drew pictures, of what we think a Pilgrim would have looked like! Then, we dressed up and pretended we were Pilgrims. Here's a picture of us dressed up like Pilgrims - or trying to look like pilgrims. Like Ethan's paper "beard and mustache" Anna made him? Hahaha!
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