Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Photos

 Hello! Here are some Christmas pictures. They are pretty late but, with the days following Christmas and New Year's well, I guess you know how hard it would be to sit down and type a blog post. This first picture is of our Christmas tree before we got to it.

This next picture is Ethan and his new Monkey Pillow Pet.We all got one except Anna who had gotten one for her birthday. Aaron got a dog,Owen got a "baby mooth" as Owen says and I got a giraffe.
   Judging by this next picture,I don't think Chica enjoyed her first Christmas at the Masse's to much!
  Here is me trying on my new slippers. OK, I admit, new Christmas pajamas, a new snow hat and new slippers don't make the best combination.
  And here is Ethan, trying on his new camo pattern watch. He's going to be 7 in March! Eeesh!
 And this is the family room and the Christmas tree after we got to it. That is my giraffe pillow pet, the big orange and yellow thing.
 Don't tell Dad I posted a picture of him. This is Dad trying on his new scarf I bought him.
 And this is my favorite picture. This was taken after Church, when Grammy,Grampy and Aunt Jen came over and each of the boys had gotten a pair of underwear. (Aaron and Ethan inform me that they are boxer shorts not underwear) But Owen got a pack of onesies. Anyway, Aaron had gone up to his room and tried on a pair of his "boxer shorts" and then come back down to the family room. When he saw that everyone was looking at him,he jumped into that big gift bag that my pillow pet was in, and he said he wouldn't get out until everyone else got out. Then,he found that he could not get out! We got him out in the end.
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