Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get Fired Up!

Hello! For our Christmas present, Aunt Heidi and Mom gave us an outing to Get Fired Up! It's a pottery shop in Sanford. You can go in and choose a mug or a bowl or a figurine,etc. Then, you paint it and they fire it up for  you and they call to come pick up your piece when it's done. Our cousins, Alivia and Jillian, came over for a sleepover and we took them. I made myself a mug with pink speckles and Mom wrote my name on the front in Teal. Anna made a really pretty red cardinal. Jillian painted a cat and Alivia painted a penguin with such chubby cheeks, you can't resist pinching them even if he is pottery! Anyway, now Alivia left with her Mom to visit her great Nanny and Aunt Heidi left Jillian here and she is going to pick her up when she comes back in the afternoon! Check out Alivia and Jillian's blog, (maine girls growing up) to see a really cute story that Jillian wrote about a girl and a magic boot.
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