Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Story #1- The Tale of the Purple and Pink Princess Twins.

Hello again!
Here is my first story! The Tale of the Purple and Pink Princess Twins!! Anna helped me write it:) Here it is!!  (we thought it would be fun to make ourselves a lot older, I am only 10 and Anna is 8:)

                                           The Tale of the Purple & Pink
                                        Princess Twins.

Once upon a time, as most stories begin, there where two princesses. These princesses were twins. Not identical twins, but fraternal twins, meaning they were born on the same day but were not identical. They were not identical at all! One was named Emma, the other was named Anna. Emma always wore pink. Anna always wore purple. Emma's hair was golden yellow. Anna's hair was shiny brown. Emma and Anna lived in a beautiful castle. One half was pink, the other half was purple. But in the very middle, it was colored all the colors of the rainbow.Every year, they invited the entire kingdom to come to the rainbow room to celebrate their birthday. But, the year they turned 14, they forgot to invite three very important people. These people, were their brothers the princes. Prince Ethan,Prince Aaron and Prince Owen. A few hours before the party, the princesses sent for the messenger, who would run and bring the princes. Unfortunately, the messenger was sick in bed with the flu from being out in the cold weather delivering invitations so much.  So Emma and Anna decided to try to get their brothers themselves, for they could not remember a time when their brothers had not been at one of their parties. They put on their heavy woolen cloaks, Emma's pink and Anna's purple,  and set out. While they were walking through the woods, Emma said,"What time is it Anna?" She wanted to tease Anna about her watch she always wore, but decided not to. "Almost one more hour until the party." Anna replied. She knew her sister wanted to tease her about her watch, and when Emma shrieked when her foot sank into a mud puddle, Anna wanted just as much to tease her. But Anna did love her pretty purple princess watch with pink sparkles all over it, even though Emma said it wasn't ladylike for a princess to wear a watch. The princes' palace was deep in the woods, quite well hidden. The princes had always said they wanted to be left alone, not crowded and squashed every time they came out of the castle. On their way to the princes' castle, Anna and Emma came to a large hill. They finally got to the top and wearily started down the other side. "Emma! We're here!" Anna shouted, and ran down the rest of the hill to the clearing where they could see the princes' blue castle. "Anna! Anna Charlotte! Wait for me!" Emma shouted. When Anna kept running, Emma gathered up her skirts and ran as fast as she could, (which according to Anna wasn't very fast) down the rest of the hill. The princes sat at the table in their grand garden looking sad. They looked up in surprise as they saw their two older sisters actually running down the hill toward them! The princes were, as usual, dressed in their different shades of blue. Ethan's was the darkest, Aaron's a little lighter and Owen's the lightest. Ethan and Owen both had brown hair like Anna but Aaron's hair was golden like Emma but a little bit darker. "What are you doing here?" The three asked at the same time. "We came to invite you to our party" Emma said. "We thought we weren't invited this year." Aaron said. "We thought you were still mad at us for putting those frogs in your bed." Owen said, smiling a little at the memory. "Oh no! We just, well, we kind of forgot. But we have to get going! The party starts in 16 minutes!" Anna said hurriedly. So they hopped into the princes' coach and set off. They reached the castle just before the party started. The princesses hurried to change their dresses and fix their hair. When they returned, everyone was there including the King and Queen, the princesses grandparents, all their aunts and uncles and their four girls cousins along with the rest of the kingdom. There were 4 tables loaded with presents and 5 tables with refreshments. When things had settled down, Anna stood up. "Emma and I would like to thank you all for coming. We are very glad to have our brothers here,considering that they almost didn't make it," The princes smiled in their seats. "Thank you again!" Everyone clapped as Anna sat down. Then, present time started. There were too many presents for me to name them all here but I will name a few. The King and Queen had given them each a new ball gown, Emma's pink and Anna's purple of course. The King's parents had given them each a cookbook, because the princesses loved to cook. The Queen's parent each gave them a handmade scarf and mittens. One of their uncles and their aunt gave them each beautiful earring holders. Their oldest cousin, Alivia, gave them each a decorative comb for their hair. Their second oldest cousin, Jillian, gave them each a homemade card she had made.Their third oldest cousin, Delaney, gave them each a picture she had drawn. Their youngest cousin, McKinley, who was almost a year old was  too small to give them anything, but throughout the party gave everyone big baby smiles which was the best present from her. After everyone had left, Emma and Anna sat on their bed admiring their presents. "Emma?" Anna said. "Yes?" Emma replied. "I think this has been one of the best birthdays ever." said Anna. "I think so too." Emma said. And they had many more birthday party's and they lived Happily ever after.

The End.

Well, it's not great but I have more stories to come!

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