Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation at Nana and Poppy's!!!

Okay, first. I will not be doing Sisters Club anymore because I had to take it back to the library:( But, I am going to try to write stories and post them on here!! I am working on the first one now. This week, we are staying at Nana and Poppy's house in Ocean Park! On Sunday, we came in the afternoon after church and then went for a walk............IT WAS GORGEOUS!!!
Sorry about that:) The sunset was BEAUTIFUL!!!  The sky was on was nice and cool.........the beach was perfect for a walk and.................Chica barked at every dog along the way. Then, today we went to the beach again and it was GORGEOUS!!! Then tonight we went bowling!! Anna won the first game then Aaron won, and then Owen and I won.(I was letting Owen 'help' me throw the ball so he could play) And you will not BELIEVE how Owen and I won!! Well, I was letting Owen 'help' me throw the ball and then I decided to let him do it all by himself.(yes, I am that nice:) I put it down in front of him and told him to push it really hard. HE PUSHED THE BALL AND GOT A SPARE ALL BY HIMSELF, I DID NOT TOUCH THE BALL!!!!!!!!!! HE IS ONLY 2!!!!!!!! Sorry again. It was just SO awesome that he got it all by himself!! I have to go now, we are going on another walk. I'll be back tomorrow with pictures because a lot of people from church are coming to the beach with us and their kids, then we go shuffle-boarding and another day miniature golfing and bowling again another day.

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Megann said...

That's really cool!

Emma said...

That sounds lots of fun, Emma! :) Wish I was there! That is SO cool what Owen did. :) I hardly even get a spare!

Have a nice day! Want to chat soon?:)