Friday, September 21, 2012

Golden Retrievers

Well, for a while, our dog Ruby has been in heat and we can't find a dog to breed her with!! Does anybody have a dog or know one? Ruby is a 5 year old reddish-gold Golden Retriever and with her first litter, she ha 13 puppies!! We would like a Purebred Golden Retriever to breed her with or an Apricot Poodle for Golden Doodles!!! Comment if you have any advice! Thanks!!!

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Hannah said...

Hey Emma!! Look at this link I found:

Hope it helps!


Megann said...

I would totally suggest breeding Goldendoodles!!! I have one his name is tucker and he is SOOOOOO cute!!! He will be three in May. And he just can't stop being close to you. (which isn't a bad thing.) And since he is mixed with a poodle he doesn't shed, and he is pretty much Allergen free...

I don't know anything about breeding Golden Retrievers in Maine... Sorry!