Monday, May 6, 2013

My Birthday!

Hello! Okay, I know I'm REALLY late with this, but my mom's laptop broke and there was a bunch of things that went wrong so I'm posting about my birthday late:( It was April 20th--I know, I know!! Sorry! Anyway, I took soooo many pictures, I'm doing them in three series---my party, what I got, and then my photo shoot with my doll Caroline that I had after wards. First up, is my party!! Enjoy! Oh, and the pictures are very small because when I enlarge them, they appear very fuzzy and grainy so that you can't really see it, so just click on them:)

When you give Poppy the camera, there is sure to be a funny picture
of everyone when you upload the photos---take new 6 year old Aaron,
for example

And here we have Anna, showing off her pouty lips

Me and Caroline!

My new sweater dress from Justice!
My presents! Love all the color!
Owen was upset because he didn't get to sing:)
The cake that Mom and I worked so hard on--
vanilla cake with chocolate mousse
and raspberries in the middle---yum!!

Nana and Poppy---oh Poppy!!

Of course, the only picture Poppy gets of
me blowing out the candles would be one
where I look like some kind of pig. Oh Poppy!
My pink fishing pole!!
  Well, that's all I have for today, but I'll be back tomorrow with what I got!

Thanks for looking at my blog!!


1 comment:

Megann said...

You got Caroline?! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!
I actually got to meet the author of the Caroline books:) It was so cool! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!! Your 11 right?