Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Trip to Camden

Hi everyone! A few weekends ago, we went up to Camden for a vacation! Unfortunately, it was mostly rain all week:( But Camden is so adorable! Let me show you the pictures and I'll explain along the way:)

This was our campsite

This is our water! That's what I call 'Water from the Rock!':)

We had hotdogs over the fire one night.....it was raining:P

We got there on Wednesday and on Thursday, we went
to some lighthouses! That is the view of the harbor before we
turned into Owl's Head Light

The path to the lighthouse

The view from the path to the lighthouse

The keeper's house

There was SO many sea roses!!

The ramp going up to the lighthouse

Unfortunately, it was closed so we couldn't
go up top:(

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See that boat out there?

I don't know what that is, but it looks cool!

We went down to the beach

Then we went and walked out on the jetty!

It was a looooong walk:)

Then we went down to Main Street---isn't it cute??

Aaron posing in front of 'The Smiling Cow' shop:)

*sigh* look at all those books!!!

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In the deli

The Antique shop!! Mom and I went nuts!:)

This is cool--it's a 1930's era White
Frost Refrigerator!

This cool old church!

Cappy's Bakery! Okay, we may have gotten a cannoli......or two:)


Found this awesome hat at Jane Alden--you like?:)

That pretty sums it up! Bye Camden--I loved you! Can't wait to come back!!
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Thanks for looking at my blog!



Hannah said...

That looks like so much fun Emma!! :)

S.W. said...

That looks awesome, even with the rain! ;)
Have a great day!

S.W. said...

That looks awesome, even with the rain! ;)
Have a great day!