Friday, September 13, 2013

100 in 2013!!

Hey guys!! I've decided that while I'm downloading the pictures from camping, I'm going to do a 100 in 2013 post, so, here goes!:)

10. Play a song in church during worship service. I played 'Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God' and let me tell you, I was SOOO nervous!! Plus, I played it the day after my birthday, and so Mr. Manning, one of the deacons, I had just started playing and he was passing by and he stuck up his head and said, 'Happy birthday!" and it just kind of startled me:) But it wasn't tooo bad:)

13. Comment on every blog I look at for a week. Sometimes if I'm bored, I look at every single blog I know--if I'm in a hurry and just want to check real quick, this is the order they go in--Borrowing Photographs by Miss Emily--Grace's Garden Walk by Miss Grace--Ramblings and Photos by Mrs.Ashley Sisk--Accordion to Kellie by Miss Kellie--Simply Inspired by Miss Emma Kate--The Writings of Hannah by Miss Hannah--American Girl #1 Fans by Miss Danielle--Breathings of your Heart by all the wonderful authors--Chatty Kathy by Miss Kit-Kat:)--Pearls on a String by Miss Sarah--A Life Worth Living by Miss Katherine--Singing Joyfully by Miss Becca Anne--Jean's Crazy Life by my very good friend, Miss Jean--Because my life is fascinating by Miss Hilljean. I have so many blogs I look at by so many wonderful, wonderful girls, it would be a whole post just to name them all!!:)

14. Babysit someone other than my siblings. I babysat my cousin McKinley while my aunt was out with my cousin Alivia. And I also "double babysat" with Alivia for three little boys--Greg, Timmy and Andy. It was my first 'real' babysitting job and it was really fun!

18. Get Janette Oke's autograph. I LOVE all of the Janette Oke books and I have read every single one of them three times--and I actually got her autograph! You could tell the main letter was typed by a secretary because it only talked about the books but then I got a sticker that said 'God Bless, Emma!' and an autographed photo of her!!

21. Bake bread that is NOT as hard as a rock. I love to bake--as you all know:)--and I recently started making bread and I really enjoy it! And it's really good too:)

22. Take the Red Cross Babysitting Training Course after I turn 11. I did the online course and it was really fun! My cousin and I both enjoyed it and I think it taught me a lot.

28. Do a 50 followers giveaway. That was fun!! Wasn't it?? Hey, let's make it 100!!:)

30. Have someone take a photo of me that I actually like. This is a picture that I really like-it was taken by my mom, and it is at our bridal wreath in the front yard.
It's me-Emma!

31. Persuade my mom to let me buy one pair of not too-too dangly earrings. They were actually a pair of my cousin's dangle flowers but I still love them!!

33. Stay up until midnight. At the Awana sleepover, we stayed up until two in the morning!!

35. Have a sleepover with a friend and play hide and seek in the dark. We did it at our garden party and it was so fun!

36. Be a mother's helper. I went to be a mother's helper on one Thursday and then the next week on Saturday--Julia is SOOO cute!!:)

43. Finish the Waltons. NOOOOOOOO!! I never wanted it to end!! But, we've watched every episode from the first season, to the last special. *sigh*

46. Make and send out Valentines to all my friends. I emailed them very nice messages............that counts...........right??:)

49. Paint all of my fingernails a different color. At a sleepover with my friend Shannon--it was soo fun!:)

53. Save $12 dollars and buy myself a hamster. It turned out being a guinea pig, Truffle!

55. Try tea without milk or sugar. Now, I just drink it black with a little bit of sugar

56. Try coffee without milk or sugar--yuk

63. Actually eat breakfast for a week. Most of the time I tend to skip breakfast so, that week was different!:)

68. Finish 'At Home in Mitford' That was a REALLY good book!!

78. Organize a summer evening garden party with my friends--that was super duper fun!

79. Throw my cousin a surprise party for her 13th birthday--we really got her!!

84. Skype with Emma--that was an experience:) It was awesome!!

85. Skype with Hannah--that was fun!:)

86. Skype with my cousin

87. Finish my 3A piano book---3B here I come!!

89. Try a cooked mushroom with my eggs--it wasn't too bad

90. Eat a raw mushroom--ewwwww

94. Take sunset photos

99. Plant a vegetable garden--got some really big tomatoes, and peppers and celery!

100. Plant a flower garden--they were super purty:)

Thanks for looking at my blog!



Hannah said...

Aww, I loved this post Emma! I loved video chatting with you! :) We need to do it again sometime soon! :)


Hannah said...

I tagged you for the Elegant Blogger Award!

Becca Anne said...

Hey Emma,
You did all of that already? Whew!
I don't think could do all of that
yet. Good job.