Sunday, August 31, 2014

10 Random Facts About Moi!

Hey my favorite people in the world! Today, I was tagged by the lovely Soraya Jean of Jean's Life ( check it out!) to post ten random facts about myself! So, here goes!

Q.1 Outdoors Or Indoors?
               Umm......probably indoors cause that's where the food is...............
Q.2 Hot Weather Or cold weather?
             COLD! I LOVE fall! My absolute favorite season!
Q.3 Do you have any brothers or sisters?
              Yes, three younger brothers, a younger sister, and a little sister in China:)       
Q.4 What is your favorite color?
                Rose Pink and Sky Blue
Q.5 What is your hobby?
              Crocheting, reading, playing piano, flute and organ, blogging, making videos:)
Q.6 What is your favorite season?
          FALL! It's just so cozy, and warm, and pretty and all the pumpkin goodies and drinks.....LOVE!
Q.7 What is your favorite show?
              HAPPY DAYS...........I need a Chachi...............
Q.8 What do you think should be invented?
                A time machine--I completely agree with Soraya!
Q.9  Do you have a pet?
                We have two little dogs, a cat, and one hamster
Q.10 Who should you tag next? 

            I tag Alivia and Jillian at!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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