Sunday, February 6, 2011

I can't wait!!

Hi again! Daddy promised the next time Ruby has puppys, we would keep one and now he is saying no and so we are going to get a different kind of puppy. So, I talked to them about it and the puppy will be mine and will be given to me on my birthday!!! And it's going to be a Chihuahua! I LOVE Chihuahuas! Now, I am going to name it a Spanish name but I can't decide between Leya, which means Loyal, or Chica which means Little Girl. What would you choose?

Thanks for looking at my blog!



Sara said...

I would pick Chica!!! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!!! I even call grown women that!

Megann said...

I would name it Chica!wI am excited for you that you are getting a puppy!

*Happy Valentines Day*

Megann said...

emma please only let the fist comment of mine go through!!!

So Sorry,