Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello! This afternoon at Church, I was helping our teacher, Mrs. Daniels, clean up the classroom for next Sunday and I asked her how old you have to be to be a helper in the Nursery. She said that there is not a certain age, but you just have to like it and be good at it. And I said I would LOVE to be a helper in Nursery and she said.... she will put my name on the list of Nursery helpers!! Some weeks, I will help in the Nursery and some weeks I will be a Junior Church helper since I now stay out in Church with Mom and Dad.
I LOVE to work in the nursery but today it was SO crazy! Aaron and 2 little boys named Cooper, and Zeph, were all running around and there was a little girl named Kaylee playing on the floor and then Owen and a 10 month old baby named Zye, Zeph's little brother, were both crawling on the floor. Owen would start to cry and I would pick him up and Zye would see Owen was getting attention and he would start crying. Then I would pick him up and Owen would cry!! So I kept picking one and putting the other down and then switching!!
Well, that's all!



Christie Ortman said...

That is so Exciting Emma! I'm sure you'll be a great helper in the nursery with all the practice you've had at home being a big sister!

Megann said...

Awesome Emma! I am so excited for you!!