Sunday, February 6, 2011

To Old Already.

Hello! Since today is Sunday, we went to Church as we always do. Usually, we go to Sunday School which is in the morning and Junior Church which is a little later in the afternoon. After Sunday School, we go out in the Church and sit with our parents. During the 2nd hymn we sing, all the kids and 1 grownup all go out and go either to the downstairs room our the upstairs room and have Junior Church. Well, last week, Me and Ilse Daniels and the girl I went to summer camp with Soraya Syafurudin, and Kendra Rodriguez and Carter Fullerton all graduated out of Junior Church and will now be sitting out in Church the entire time with our parents. This my first time and I didn't even stay out the whole because Mommy and I could hear Baby O crying all the way back in the nursery and so we went back there to calm him down and ended up staying there until Church was over. But, I LOVE to help in the nursery because all the little kids are so cute! Today we had a lot of little kids and really little kids. There was Aaron and Owen, and a little boy named Brent Pierce who is I think almost 1, and a little boy named Zeph Dunbar who is the son of the Assistant Pastor who is I think like maybe 2 and his baby brother named Zye who is 9 months and a little girl named Kaylee who is I think maybe 1 or 1/2.
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