Thursday, February 2, 2012

I have a "job!"

Hello! I hope everyone is safe and snug in this weather! Baby O has an appointment with Doctor O, (I don't know how to spell his real name so everyone calls him Doctor O) because Owen's foot has been hurting in his brace a lot. Owen's foot is better but Mom says he will probably have surgery when he is 3 or 4. Anyway, last week, I helped out at the library! I learned how to re-shelf books and check books out! Mrs. Blake, (the head librarian) said I could be her Thursday girl! I might be able to go in today and if I do, maybe Mrs. Blake will let me take some pictures! Anyway, and here are some pictures of Baby O yesterday before he woke up. I like in the first one how I made his hand look giant! I couldn't help myself! This is his foot without the brace. That foot is looking great! I didn't get a pic of his other foot because he woke up. Then,in the last picture, he woke up.
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