Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A few kids I love!!!

This is Brentt-he is such a little snuggle-bug!
He is one of my absolute favorite little munchkins!!
Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while,I have been sick since Friday with some kind of breathing virus:P But, thankfully, I am pretty much better! A few weeks ago in church, I was helping out in the nursery and I had my camera in my bag for some reason so I decided to take some pictures! These kids are so darn cute! I love them!!
Then, there is Owen trying on a builders hat! Oh,
did I mention he turned 3 last Tuesday! Love you O!
You are so big!!

Then, here is Isaiah, happily taking all of the food that
Brentt had just brought me. Little thief:)

Then, here is Zye and Isaiah-having a stare-down!

Snack time! Animal crackers-my personal favorite are
the chocolate-I mean, who doesn't?

Then, Mrs. Dayfield, she got hungry in the nursery
so she went downstairs to look for some doughnuts
that they always have out on a plate downstairs-
she couldn't find it so she went into the Junior Church
room to ask her mom where she hid the doughnuts!
Well, she found them and brought some for everyone!
Owen got chocolate:)

Here is Mrs. Dayfield's sweet baby girl Riley. She looks like
she wants a doughnut! Can you see the halo?? 
Haaahhhhh..........I love those kids!! Oh, and we've had a big baby thing in church! First, Bridget Marie was born. Then, Riley Rebecca was born. Then, Jayda Marie was born. Then, Zimri Cole was born. Then, Tabious Murton was born. Then, the principal of the Christian school we support, his wife had a baby,Julia Margaret. And remember Gill and Danny Woods-the ones that got married in April?Well, she is going to have a baby in the spring! Isaiah's mom said to my mom,"It must be something going around." But, now I have plenty of cute babies I can snuggle!!!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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