Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday+Sweetness

Okay, let me explain why I'm posting on Sunday when I shouldn't even be home from church yet-(our pastor isn't known for getting out on time, but he's still the best:) Well, we all have hand-foot-mouth sickness which is just a sickness where you get spots all over your face, hands and feet and arms and legs and in your mouth and your throat-pretty much everywhere! Since we're contagious, we couldn't go to church so we stayed home with Dad while Mom went. Since I had to stay home, I decided to take some pictures for Scavenger Hunt Sunday which is a photo challenge hosted by Mrs. Ashley Sisk from Ramblings and Photos. I always love to look at it on Sunday but I never have time to actually enter so this was the perfect chance! Did I mention she has an adorable little baby girl named Felicity?? I am such a sucker for babies!!!! Even the wrinkly little red babies, but Felicity is definitely a beautiful baby:) I know I talked about this in the last post but I have more news. Mrs. Smith-a lady at church-IS HAVING A BABY! That will be eight babies when they are born! Gill Woods is having a boy, Mrs. Smith doesn't know yet but hopefully it'll be a girl because they have adorable boys, Julian and Cooper. Funny story- Cooper wanted to name the baby Cooper and was super disappointed when his mom said no:) He thinks he should name the baby after him because his name is Cooper David Scott Smith-his granpa is David and his dad is Scott-in the nursery, we can't call him Cooper, you have to say Cooper David Scott Smith:) He is really cute with blond hair and chubby pink cheeks-he is another one of my favorite kids:) Enough chatter, onto the pictures! Here is the first one-
                                     1. Pattern(s)
This is a Granny Square Quilt we have hanging on the back of a chair-
I love it's pattern and the beautiful colors!

                                                             2. Machine
I love trying to catch the drops of water from
the sink.......I love this one!
                                         3. Signs or Logos
This is the view from our dining room window-I take this as a sure sign
that it is fall-notice the bare trees-that is also a sign that winter is coming:(

                                             4. Rocks or Stones
I think these are pretty cool. This is part of a geod that we got when we
went to New York at Howe Caverns-we took it home and split it
open to lots of these little pieces with diamonds in them!

                                          5. Sparkle

For this shot, I used an old diamond necklace of Mom's-it is
super sparkly-I love how it turned out! Plenty of sparkle!:)

Now, for the sweetness part, here are a few pics of Owen I took while in our room-he loves being in front of the camera!
Waving hi!
He was laughing when Chica was barking-
I love this little crinkle face!!

Cheesy grin!

Oh, great-look what he's learned!
Well, while he's still little, it makes great photos!:)


This is my absolute favorite! Doggy kisses:)
Well, that's about it for today:) 

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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