Saturday, June 29, 2013

50 Followers Giveaway!!!

Hello everyone! It's pretty rainy and yucky here today--we just got back from camping last night--it was really fun! Post coming soon! Anyways, onto the giveaway!! Thank you so much to our lovely sponsors!! Here are the gifts--

The lovely Britt from Encouragement for Everyday Struggles has offered a free blog design! She is so talented at designing things! Here are a few examples of her designing skills--
She designed my very good friend, Miss Becca Anne's--from blog! Don't you love it?

I really like the font for Grace and the photo of the the swing!
 She also designed my blog! Thank you so much Britt!! You're awesome!:)

Our next sponsor is the lovely Emily Ruth from Borrowing Photographs has kindly offered to sponsor! Here are a  few examples of her work--she is very talented with knitting needles!

She has offered to make the winner a summer-y hat!
Thank you so much Emily!! You are so talented!!

And our next sponsor is my good friend Danielle from American Girl #1 Fans has offered to give the winner a  crocheted doll  hat and scarf set for free! Here are some examples--

Thanks Danielle! You're great!!

And the last sponsor!:)

We have this adorable hair bow which comes with a bobby pin
on the back....

This really cute little jewelry box--I love it! The design is
so intricate!

We have some sugar scrub made by me! It comes with a recipe
on how to make more!--this is what they would put on you face
if you got like a massage or something without all the icky

And then this really cute Apple Coaster!

And the grand prize is a canvas that I made--I am going to post soon--but the winners will be determined by picking names out of a hat and the first one I pick will get the canvas!!

Here are the rules:

You must be a follower of my blog---2

You must follow either of Britt's blog--Designed to Inspire or Encouragement for Everyday Struggles--2

You must follow Emily's blog--2

You must follow Danielle's blog--2

Comment down below and tell me what you like about my blog--4

Like my Etsy shop!--This & That by {me + e}

The giveaway ends on July 13 at midnight (EST)



Anonymous said...

I Follow Your Blog.

I Follow "Encouragement for everyday struggles"

I Follow Emily's blog

I Follow Danielle's blog

What I like about your blog: I love how your post are encouraging and how you share your life and I just love your post's :)

I favorite your Etsy shop, I LOVE the owl Hat!


Lauren Garcia said...

I followed your blog
I followed Britt's Encouragement for Everyday Struggles
I followed Emily's blog
I followed Danielle's blog

What I love about your blog is how enthusiastic you are about blogging and I love that you have a lot of pictures!

Hannah said...

I follow your blog!
I follow Britt's blog, Encouragement for Everyday Struggles.
I follow Emily's blog!
I follow Danielle's blog!

Hannah said...

I love all your interesting posts on your blog!

♥Emmy said...

Hey! I am a new follower!!

I follow your blog,

Britt's blog,

Emily's blog

and Danielle's blog

I love your post's and pictures and I think you are a fantastic writer!

I like (favorite) your etsy shop and hope to buy something from it!

I cant wait for more posts and am so glad Im a follower :)

God bless,

Jan Brady said...

Hello! I'm a new follower, too! :)

I follow this blog.
I follow 'Designed to Inspire'
I follow Emily's blog
I follow Danielle's blog

I love the way you post, and your pictures! :)
I favorited (liked) your shop. :)