Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Pictures, as Promised.

Good morning everyone! Here are some of the Christmas pictures.

 The boys were so excited about getting this game. It has been a big hit with the whole family! Me and Anna have played it, and even Daddy likes to watch!
                             Is this the cutest face you've ever seen or what?! He really liked the cool toy from Great Aunt Tiny and Uncle Wayne! Cutie!

Uncle Jason and Aunt Denise sent us this great puppet stage and 4 puppets. It was a big hit. We all planned a little play and did it for Gram and Gramp and Aunt Jenny.
                            When this was happening, Owen looked up at Mom and looked  like saying if he could, Get me out of here before I drown in wrapping paper!
                 Puppet show again. Sorry about the white thing. That's Ethan getting his puppet ready. And this last one is all the cousins at Nana and Poppy's house. Aaron, Alivia, Me,(holding Owen) Anna, Ethan, Delaney,(who was kinda tired) and Jillian.

Thanks for looking at my blog!

Happy New Year!


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Sara said...

You guys are adorable and that puppet theater is the COOLEST Emma..WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Aunt and Uncle ROCK!!!! It looks like you have a fab Christmas, thanks for sharing!