Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decorations, and now the Tree!

Hi Everyone! Last Sunday, we were are still a little sick so we stayed home from Church and slept almost the whole day and watched movies on the new program that Mom and Dad gave us as an early Christmas present. It's called Roku. It's really cool. You can get movies on Hulu and Netflix and even rent movies from Amazon! How cool is that?! Well, at the end of the day, we were feeling better (and needed something for supper) so we decided, to go get our Christmas Tree! And Daddy was so tired (cause he had just gotten up) he didn't even really dress! Just a T-shirt with a warm fleecy flannel shirt over it, his  coat and gloves and get this, he wore his Pajama pants! Ha! Well, anyway, after ruining our shoes marching through the icky gicky mud, we chose a tree and went in to pay for it. There, Dad and Mom had a glass of Apple Cider and all of us had a cookie. We also got 1 piece of candy and the lady filled little plastic bags with "reindeer food" for all of us except Owen. (It was really just some Rolled Oats mixed with some pretty purple glitter. We are saving them for Christmas Eve Night to sprinkle on the ground for Santa Claus's reindeer.Ha!) Aaron likes Rudolph best. So,we got Subway for supper, got home, ate, had Advent and fell asleep.
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themainethingx5 said...

that is NOT fun emma i'm sick to we got our tree 2 weeks ago i think i like how aaron like Rudolph the most
see u later