Friday, March 16, 2012

The Waltons

Hello! Well to make a long story into a short post, lets get right down to the subject.....................

Elizabeth-"Good night Mama;
Mama-Good night Elizabeth, good night Jason;
Jason-Good night Mama, good night Mary Ellen;
Mary Ellen-Good night Jason, good night Jim-Bob;
Jim-Bob-Good night Mary Ellen, goodnight Erin;
Erin-Good night Jim-Bob, good night Ben;
Ben-Good night Erin, good night Grandpa;
Grandpa-Good night Erin, good night John;
Daddy-Good night Pa, night Ma;
Grandma-Good night John, good night John-Boy;
John-Boy-Good night Grandma, night everybody.
Everybody-Good night!"
-The Waltons

Do I dare  say it? Goodnight everyone! :)
Thanks for looking!


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Megann said...

Last night on INSP they had a Walton's "Family Reunion!" All the characters (except for Grandma and Grandpa) were there! It was really cool!

Have a GREAT day!!,