Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cookie Cutter & Biscit. (I know I spelled it wrong, it's supposed to be spelled like that:)

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying this bee-uu-ti-ful weather we've been having! Owen is doing good, he and mom are going back to the hospital tomorrow to get some pins taken out and to get a new cast so. Anyway, there is this giveaway over at Cookie Cutter sponsored by Debra's Designs! She does bee-u-ti-ful jewelry!! I mean,look at the necklace she donated for the giveaway! Click here to see the necklace. And as a lot of you know, my half-blind hamster Biscit is 4 years old. Last night, I went to feed him and lets just say I'm in the process of getting a new hamster. But he lived a LONG time! Hamsters usually only live to be 2 years old maybe sometimes 3! Mom said, "He died a good death. He didn't get killed by a cat, pounced on by a dog or anything!" I will post pictures of my new hamster soon.
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