Thursday, March 8, 2012

Owen's surgery

Hello! Here is an update on Owen,(information from Mom)
Dr. Oliviero was running a little late so O went in later that planned.
(taken from Mom's Facebook update) O is out of surgery and we
are waiting for him to wake up. Then we'll head up to his room for
the night. He did fine in surgery, Dr. thinks things went well but now
it's just wait and see. He will have to come back next week to remove
a couple of pins.

When O comes home tomorrow, we have a surprise for him. At the grocery store, we got him a 'Get Well' balloon and at the Dollar Store, we got him a really soft, stuffed chocolate colored bunny. And then I made a banner that says Owen and we love you! I will post some pictures tomorrow. I also went outside today,(it had to be at least 60!) and did my first Spring Photoshoot. So, look for them on Picture This. I will post another update when we get an e-mail or something.
Thanks for looking at my blog! And thanks for all the comments on Mom's Facebook page!


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