Friday, November 9, 2012


Hello! How is everybody?? We are nice and cozy here! Well........on the inside at least:) Yesterday it snowed! We went out and made a snow man and a snow fort (that we never finished) and went sledding down our huge hill in the backyard. Today, there isn't much snow left except the snow from the fort. I just sent Owen out there to play with Aaron-it was so hard finding a boot to go over his brace! Anyone else got snow yet?? Since I am in the Christmas/winter spirit because of this snow, I am going to share a few pictures of previous winters:)

This is the winter of 2005-Anna is in purple, I'm in pink-of course!:) If you look closely, you can see our
teeny-tiny-little snowman-isn't he adorable?:)

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree, thy leaves are so unchanging.......

December 2006-one of the many failed attempts at a good Christmas
Again.......trying to build a snowman.........

This picture was taken in front of the awesome store we always
go to for our Christmas tree...........they put out a
Christmas tree lot and inside, they have cider and cocoa and
coffee and cookies for everyone! And all the kids get to
pick out a sheet of stickers, a paper coloring book and crayons
and you get reindeer food-oats mixed with purple glitter:)

Here is a look at what our Christmas tree looks likes
every year-glass ornaments.......handmade ornaments...but unfortunately, some broke when our tree fell down last year:)
Ice Storm of 2008
Well, that's all the pictures I have to share for today..............I'll be back soon hopefully with a vlog!!
Oh, and go check out Children's Challenge Corner for a brand new challenge!!!

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